Day 14 of 40: Serve G-d continued

Service through living presently.

Theme for Day 14: Serve G-d continued

Family constellations

  • Showing up to both give and receive. Each person there today had the opportunity to work on a personal challenge, to receive. At the same time, each attendee was there in service of the others, willing to step forward into the field as a representative, or to simply be present to witness and hold a sacred space for another’s vulnerable sharing. There was a feeling of trust and safety created by the group assembled. It was wonderful to be in the energy of this way of being.
  • Stepping fully into living presently. When someone was called to be a representative within the field, it required putting personal ego aside, quietening the mind, and honouring whatever was being felt and experienced physically and emotionally, in the moment, and giving voice to it, without judgments or evaluations. It was about fully stepping into engaging and surrendering to the moment. A personally powerful memory for me to draw on daily when I find myself getting caught up mentally wandering and worrying.

An early night



Documenting a 40-day Spiritual Day Fast — sharing daily insights and experiences through this journey.

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Loren Mielke

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