Day 21 of 40: Just believe continued.

Breathing into believing one breath at a time.

Continued from Day 20.

Theme for Day 21: Just believe.

“All things are possible if you just believe!”

‘Unconditional’ expanded.

Yesterday I mentioned a movie that was recommended and a that I watched, all on the same day, called Unconditional. I described it as a beautiful film. The movie rippled through my day and I did it an injustice. Let me be more specific. It’s a magnificent piece of cinema that so exquisitely reveals the incredible tapestry that I believe we all serve as threads within, with glimpses of the magnificence and breathtaking artistry of The Master Craftsman. And when I am presented with opportunities to catch glimpses of the artwork from a distance far back enough for the chaos to transform into spellbinding creative genius I am left in a pure and utter state of awe. This movie granted me this opportunity. I’ve included the trailer below.

Feeling well & healthy.

Awesome is…waking up headache-free! I was super grateful today.

No hot shower?

The last few days, the venue I’ve been house-sitting has had no hot water. Amazing how a cold shower ushers in an avalanche of gratitude for warm water. I’ve procrastinated on stepping completely under the icy stream. Tomorrow I’m going to be washing my hair, so there’s no way around it, I’m going to have to get on under! And with the water shortages a reality for so many, I’ve been super grateful for water of any temperature coming out the tap!

Wobbling & off-balance again.

I experienced overwhelm again today in terms of the path ahead as far as work and money. Do I pursue avenues I initiate as my ‘own business’ or do I look to join and add value to an existing team?

Some of the ideas that have been presented as opportunities to be self-initiated include:

  • Offering the service of creating short videos for businesses who see the value of using video to connect with their audience. I have my clip as a sample. There would be a steep learning curve, I would need to build up clients, sample work and momentum.
  • Starting a healthy bulk buying food club whereby through a community of buyers I could access better prices and I can pass on the savings to all who participate. Ditto on the learning curve comment above.
  • New client acquisition for an awesome lead generation software service that combines generating targeted leads and nurturing a relationship with them. This would be commission only.

As far as joining a team, I would like to work with those who are purposed based, know why their business exists, value delivering and creating exceptional experiences and having fun while being profitable, sustainable, people and planet conscious. I know they are out there. I know I’d make one hell of a team member. I know I can add immense value. It’s just a case of finding them, attracting them, connecting with them.

With today’s wobbly, the ‘Just believe’ theme couldn’t have been more apt! Thank you!

Commitments birthed from wobbling.

I commit to holding a soft gentle awareness for guidance and signs as to where I can be of service next while being generously and fairly financially remunerated. I commit to maintaining an open authentic conversation with Source. I commit to using af-FOR-mations, ‘‘Why am I always at exactly the right place at the right time for exactly what I need?’’

Thank you afformations!

I was so grateful for afformations today. I noticed they start with the same word that a ‘victim’ question does, like ‘Why me?’

Today whenever I caught myself about to head off in a victim direction, when I could sense something like ‘Why can’t I make ends meet?” on the horizon, I jumped right in there and rerouted that sentence formation before it was done, swinging it around to an afformation in a more empowering direction. In this case, ‘Why do I always have more than I need?’ I was kept super busy with rerouting today!

Effortless timing

I was grateful for a reminder that when it’s the right time, perfectly synchronized timing is effortless. I had been to the vegan market and was about to leave. I saw a missed call from a cousin and called her back. She said she was headed to the market. When I said I was on my way out, she said she had literally driven in.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. A few minutes later and I would already have been in my car off to my next errand.

Effortless from a place of calm.

Earlier today, when I was in the bathroom, I dropped a lid and for the life of me just couldn’t find it. I noticed I was becoming more irate, which wasn’t helping matters, and at a point gave up looking. Later on, when I was sitting on the loo, I calmly and casually glanced across the room and saw it on the floor.

When all the manic energy was attached, I couldn’t see it. When I was relaxed, no longer obsessed, not making the outcome so important, I saw it with ease.

A new practice, messaging Source.

This I initiated today. For a while now I’ve been incorporating a morning and evening meditation, which fluctuates between 5 and 20 Mins. This evening I decided before I meditate I’m going to write Source a message. Just like I’d write a message to one of my closest friends. Letting it all hang out, taking full responsibility, at the same time being brutally authentic as to what was alive in me at the time of messaging.

Although I can’t offer any cast iron feedback of what I gained in the mediation as a direct result of this new practice, what I can share is that I got a distinct feeling of drifting to some far off places. I did come away with a message of ‘standing on the shoulder of giants’, and I know there was something else, but by the time I ended my meditation, it was gone. It felt like waking from an important dream but having it slip away faster than I could grasp after it. The ‘shoulder giant’ message I’ll sit with, my initial response was to lean more in the direction of dedicating time to finding work where I join an existing team.

I’m committed to continuing this practice for the duration of the forty days and then I’ll reassess.

A feline angel

I was hoping to have some quality time with my boys today which never worked out. I returned to the home I’m house-sitting and dished up food to eat outside on a stone bench in among the plants. The little kitty of the house came to sit next to me and kept me company. It was such a precious experience. And he was extremely loving and attentive the rest of the evening. I felt so loved. Thank you.

‘Believe me’

My evening concluded with a conversation with a good friend who shared how he had just read Eddie Izzard’s autobiography. Eddie is one of the most genius and hilarious comedians I’ve experienced. Guess what the title is?

OMG, I must have asked my friend to repeat this three or four times. It’s so completely in line with the theme that continued through today, ‘Just believe. All things are possible if you just believe!’. The message he said he took from the book was to keep on believing in yourself, that anything is possible, so long as you keep on believing and never give up.

Wow, what a divine day 21 dessert! Thank you! Continued on Day 22.

Ps. There is another new practice that starts today. Signing off with a gratitude quote.



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