Day 29 of 49: Take time to rest continued

Life, a daily practice and the gifts of flow.

Continued from Day 28.

Theme for Day 29: Take time to rest (continued).

Today I officially started week 5 of 7. I have been feeling super delighted and would like to acknowledge myself for making it this far! It’s been challenging from a physical perspective, navigating fluctuating levels of hunger, energy, focus and concentration as well as a host of other sensations from headaches to nausea.

It’s also been a significant time commitment as far a producing a daily piece of writing, posted online with quotes and pictures, then shared via email. This whole process has fluctuated between 90 minutes and 3 hours daily, depending on the day and the post. I’m thrilled to acknowledge myself for a four week consecutive run of daily posts.

The combination of mindful intentional day fasting and daily writing has yielded an insightful, illuminating experience beyond anything I thought possible when I began. Whoop whoop!!

Rise ‘n shine, live, learn and repeat.

I shared recently about an epiphanal cellular experience of knowing that all is well, most especially in the face of Life’s mysteries. I find it amazing how those epiphanies never seem to gift me with a ‘Get Out Of Mental-Doubts-And-Fears Jail Free’ card.

Life feels more to have a cyclical nature, just like the day moves through the darkest of night through sunrise to sunset and midnight once again, just as the year cycles through its seasons and the tides come in and go out, and the moon waxes and wanes, so too there are fluxes in my life’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental landscapes.

I find my life a regular practice requiring awareness and recommitment over and over again to taking responsibility for how I show up in each of these areas. Building muscles and tending empowered pathways daily!

I had a speed wobble this morning as I noticed a financial and career concerned ‘guest’ approaching my guesthouse reception accompanied by another concerned about a meeting later this week with someone I don’t have the easiest most flowing dynamic with. I took a deep breath grounded myself and got busy welcoming them in, meeting them ‘laughing at the door’ reminding myself that they too bring gifts from beyond.

Had a feeling I had misdialled.

I received a call from a friend I had not spoken to in years. Over a decade ago we lived in the same building. My friend admitted to getting the feeling she had dialled the ‘wrong’ Loren, but never terminated the call. We invested a few minutes sharing and catching up, finding out about what we were both currently up to and rounding off our call with an exchange of blessings.

It was wonderful to learn of the inspiring new teaching project my friend was birthing and a glorious reminder to embrace and step into the so-called ‘blips or misdials’ along the way, taking a few moments to genuinely connect.

Attooh… Achoo? Bless you :)

In my brainstorming and researching South African conscious companies to approach, I recalled having heard the founder of a financial service company speak a number of years ago. His vision was so empowering and infectious as he spoke of financially educating clients and providing tailored solutions. I could not recall the company name but it was on my mental list of conscious companies to connect with. I had planted the seed.

Today when I was en route home in the late afternoon I noticed a car to my left signalling to want to enter my lane. I know what it’s like to be signalling to change lanes, especially when it starts to feel like no one will ever respond with that welcomed signal to confirm I can enter. These experiences have fuelled a personal commitment to, as often as possible, give indicating cars the opportunity to make their move.

Harvest time.

As this car slipped in front of me I noticed the number plate.


Omg, that’s it! The name of that financial service company! I remembered it was something quite random and unique!

I was so excited! I jotted down the name.

I took a look online and found this Attooh values summary.

OMG! Are these my kind of people!? Or are these my kind of people!? I will follow up and see where this leads.

I shared this with my sons as my pick of ‘What exspired me most today’.

I asked them what they thought I had found most exspiring about this experience? My youngest guessed, ‘Because it was a sign from G-d?!’

Close, very close.

I was most ‘exspired’ and grateful for this personal experience of being in flow with life, and of the graceful effortless receiving possible when I am focused on being present to showing up authentically to my moments, expressing what is alive in me.

A cheerleader of an afformation.

One of my current afformations is, ‘Why am I always at the right place at the right time for exactly what I need?’

Thank you Day 29! Continues on Day 30.



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