Day 31 of 49: Be humble

Inspirational training in the mix of challenging guesthouse arrivals.

Theme for Day 31: Be humble.

This new theme resonated significantly in terms of a consciousness I aspire to experience my life through. I will be forever grateful to Peter Sage for including these Michael Beckwith teachings, the four stages of spiritual growth, in his Millionaire Business School curriculum.

In a nutshell…

..each of these four stages affects how we experience the world. To move from one to the next requires a willingness to let go of a particular construct. Click here for a more detailed explanation.


I know I’ve said this before. I am deeply grateful for Rumi’s guesthouse. It’s been a source of solace too many times to mention.

Inspirational trainings.

I attended some kickass free sessions today. From a morning in-person sales training with Barry Mitchell to an evening online marketing series with Marie Forleo. They are both passionate about developing relationships and building trust through valuable content and authentic sharing.

A little stuck producing copy.

I’ve mostly written for myself. There was a time I was assisting SMEs with their email communication strategies and assisted from a copy and content writing perspective. Today I had a meeting with a potential client and have found it challenging getting her brief done and dusted! I think the time has come to step away from further attempts and pick up again tomorrow. Fresh energy, new perspective!



Documenting a 40-day Spiritual Day Fast — sharing daily insights and experiences through this journey.

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