Day 34 of 49: Be humble continued

One faithful step at a time, with no clear path visible.

Loren Mielke
My Life is My Spiritual Practise
4 min readFeb 18, 2018


Continued from Day 33.

Theme for Day 34: Be humble.

I was reflecting on a recent WhatsApp conversation with a friend. I know she’s been going through a challenging time recently, navigating her way through the loss of a young pet. I was checking in and asked her if the sun was shining again in her world?

After her feedback to me, she asked about my sunshine levels. It was wonderful to authentically own where I’m at as I find myself currently taking steps one moment at a time, in deep faith and trust, without any financial or work ‘certainty’ on the horizon. To acknowledge how grateful I am for honouring my daily writing commitment, as it’s been exceptionally therapeutic and instrumental in keeping me present and thankful.

The biblical story that came to mind was the parting of the Red Sea. More specifically the role played by a man called Nachshon.

When the Jews arrived at the Red Sea, it ‘looked’ like an impossible situation. The Egyptian army was in close pursuit, lead by the Pharaoh himself, under whom the Jews had been most recently been enslaved. Ahead of them was a vast, imposing expanse of water. Fear and hopelessness, ‘to me’ thinking, would have all been an understandable response.

‘Until one man spoke up. Nachshon ben Aminadav, the prince of the tribe of Yehudah, cried out to the people: “If the only way to escape the Egyptian army is to go forward, then forward we must go. Let us do what we can and trust God to do the rest.

And with that, he waded out into the sea.

Inspired by his words, the people followed him. Deeper and deeper they advanced into the waters until, as the water reached Nachshon’s chin, the sea split before and around them.’ ~excerpt from this article.

I so deeply resonated.

My approaching army being:

  • work environments that are personally soul-destroying, with their brutal singular focus on bottom-line,
  • imminent monthly responsibilities.

My Red Sea being:

  • the lack of a clear path to generating an income that is in line with my core values of business for good,
  • using my unique blend of talents and abilities to contribute value to the world, while feeling personally stimulated and fulfilled.

I’d like to follow Nachshon’s lead, shaking free from clutches of ‘to me’ consciousness and living his gorgeous faithful blend of ‘by me’ and ‘through me’. What I find most impactful about this story, is that it took Nachshon ‘living his truth’ for the Sea to split, it took him following through, step by step, into those water, further, deeper, going as far as he could, being willing to risk and try.

Experiencing a great quote.

Today I got to live this.

The Marie Forleo B-School scholarship competition was announced yesterday, with only a few days to submit an entry.

The brief?

To create a video clip, that in no more than 90 seconds answers these four questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Where are you from?
3. What is your business?
4. WHY does your business exist?

I LOVE Marie, her core message, ‘The world NEEDS that special gift that only you have’, the quality of content she delivers, her values.

The easiest way for me to explain — her page entitled ‘How we roll’.

I was in tears the first time I read this page! I was like, ‘OMG, that’s my tribe, these are my people!

See!! There ARE those in the world, heart-beating, living, breathing, thriving examples of all I value!

I’m NOT some crazy idealist, it IS possible! See!! THEY’RE proving it is!!’

Click here to EXPERIENCE this page!

I LOVE that this scholarship opportunity even exists! And what the process asks of those drawn to her work. There is a tremendous gift in going through the process. Investing time to work out how best to articulate your message in no more than 90 seconds, based on the brief, not to mention the massive experiential learning curve of filming, editing and uploading the clip.

There are so many gifts available, but only accessible by going through the process itself!

Thank you, Marie, for this challenge, this opportunity!

I was blessed today in that I’m housesitting for a friend, so I had a chunk of uninterrupted time to focus on getting this video done. Am super proud of myself for stepping up to the challenge!

And now…

My B-School scholarship video entry! :)

Thank you, Day 34! Continued on Day 35.



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