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Thursday, Jan 7th, 2021

Knowledge is the best weapon

We’re outlining the restrictions for Israel’s latest lockdown; an Israeli footballer is getting death threats in the UK and we’ll speak with Israel’s famous writer Sarah Tuttle-Singer about her journalistic work, her new book and being honest with readers.

  1. Police are preparing to enforce the tighter lockdown rules set to take effect tonight. Government ministers voted Tuesday night in favor of tightening the current nationwide lockdown by closing schools and nonessential businesses for two weeks. As Israel launches this plan, roadblocks and checkpoints will be set up on highways and within cities. The head of the Israel Police’s operations department says 5,000 officers will be deployed across the country to enforce the rules. However, anonymous police officials tell the Haaretz that police will not be taking action against Haredi schools that remain open in violation of the lockdown. One official says, “you won’t see officers dispersing children at educational institutions and you won’t see officers entering schools and synagogues.”
  2. Restrictions will go into effect tonight at the clock strikes midnight, turning into Friday and will last for two weeks, with an option to extend.

The entire education system will be shuttered, including daycare centers and kindergartens. The only exception will be for special education.

Gatherings are permitted for up to 5 people indoors and 10 people outdoors.

Only essential workplaces will be permitted to remain open.

Visiting the home of another person is prohibited.

Travel limit — The 1,000 meter limit will remain in place.

Public transportation will be cut in half.

Taking out food from restaurants will continue to be prohibited. Restaurants can only offer delivery.

Travelers entering Israel from “dangerous countries” that are considered to have the new Covid mutation will be required to quarantine in government-run quarantine hotels.

Travelers who purchased tickets before the lockdown was announced will be permitted to travel outside of Israel.

Citizens will be permitted to leave their homes to:

-Purchase food or drugs — only in your city, of course.

-Provide assistance to a person in need

-Transfer a minor to the other parent

-Go to the mikvah, which is a ritual religious bath (women)

-Practice individual sport and exercise is OK as long as you dont get into a car to go there.

Legal proceedings are still on

Going to the Knesset or Israeli parliament is still on.

Demonstrators are still permitted to demonstrate and even travel to get there.

Donating blood is still on.

Going to work according to the restrictions… is still on.

3. While the country is dealing in a surge of illness, there is hope for the future as the first batch of Moderna vaccines from the US have arrived in the Holy Land by way of boat from Germany. The shipment of 100,000 doses should be enough to vaccinate 50,000 people since each person needs two dose. Officials are excited about this type of vaccine because the Moderna one, unlike the Pfizer one, does not need to be kept in such cool conditions and therefore will be able to reach communities and sites that are farther away. The Moderna vaccine can survive for up to 30 days in a regular refrigerator, which is an improvement from the Pfizer one, which needs to be kept at - 70 degrees.

4. A win for our friends at Magen David Adom — within just ten days, this emergency medical service has successfully vaccinated all the elderly residents living in elderly care facilities and shelters around Israel.

5. The Israeli military has deployed air defense batteries around the southern city of Eilat amid concerns of an attack from the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen. In the past, Iran has indicated plans to take revenge for the high profile killings, including the United States’ killing of Qasam Soleimani and Israel’s alleged murder of the head of Iran’s military nuclear program months ago. The Israeli military thinks that retaliation could potentially come from the Houthis, a Yemeni group that has conducted a number of attacks over the years against Saudi Arabia, which is Iran’s other rival in the region. Last month, an IDF spokesperson told a Saudi news outlet that Israel has information indicating Iran is developing “smart missiles” in Iraq and Yemen, and that the weapons could have the ability to reach and strike Israel. In response, Iron Dome and Patriot missile defense batteries have been deployed near Eilat for protection.

6. An Israeli police officer is going to spend the next 29 years behind bars for shooting his wife to death two years ago in their Netanya apartment. The Lod District court judging panel wrote that Maresha Moshe Wasa struggled with self control and would have to pay out 78,000 dollars in compensation to his kids. Wasa’s attorney claimed he has acted without thinking and regretted the decision immediately after, but the judges say since he pointed the gun to her head, it displayed his thoughtful intent. The victims, mother yelled out “you’ve ruined our lives. May you die in prison” as the hearing began.

7. The story I am about to tell you came to our attention from a fan and listener of the Israel Daily News Podcast all the way out in northern Ireland. His name is Chris and he sent over pictures and article clips about Israeli soccer player Nir Bitton who is currently going through a hard time as football fans berate him and his wife on social media with anti semitic and anti Israel slurs. Bitton is an Israeli midfielder who plays with the Scottish team Glasgow Celtic. Following a defeat from the rival team, the Glasgow Rangers 1 — 0, Bitton was called a “zionist rat” and a “dirty jew” bastard on social media and they accused Bitton of losing the team the game because he was handed a red card. Bitton’s wife reported someone had messaged her calling her a cow and suggested she and her husband be hanged. Our listener also sent over photos of the stadium which has been defaced multiple times with red spray paint and anti-Israel sentiments. Northern Ireland has been a hotbed politically for decades and has struggled for Independence from the United Kingdom. People there frequently identify with Palestinians. Chris says the media in northern Ireland often ignores anti semitic sentiments coming out of the league in order to save face. I have some of his photos shared on the Israel Daily News Podcast instagram story.

8. Sarah Tuttle Singer is an American from Los Angeles who has come to Israel and made her mark with her articles, books and blog posts for the Times of Israel news outlet. She’s built her own brand and told us how she has used her struggles to get adjusted to a new life and turned it into funny pieces of literature. Tuttle has a strong following on twitter and is widely read by Americans and Israelis alike. The audio has been edited into the Podcast and was stripped from the Women in Israel mini series on Facebook live, which Singer participated in. I host the series on Thursdays at 11 am eastern standard time and 6 pm Israel time.

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