Isshub dev, full day 4 & 5

Last day, I planned for today:

  • add the missing functions to this module (move a cell…)
  • start working on the react part of the Grid

On these two days of work, I globally worked on existing and new methods to manipulate the grid. The main one being the “cleanGrid” method, which is able to detect empty rows, cells, content, change levels of some nodes in some conditions (a single row containing a single cell containing a single row having a content, is converted in the the first single row directly having the content).

Another method needed to be able to manipulate the grid in the drag&drop mode is “addPlaceholders” (and its counterpart, “removePlaceholders”)

I also learned how to do a custom matcher for Jasmine, to easily compare XML in tests.

I also did some cleaning in the tests, added more documentation, simplified the use of a grid created via “createBaseGrid” (to avoid having to manipulate a XMLDocument, but just the grid we need).

And finally, for easier testing in the browser, I added requireify, to be able to require modules in the browser console.

Nothing hard these days, just code and tests, basically. But still no react ☹

So, for the next day, I want to:

  • add the function to insert an existing content in a placeholder
  • start working on the react part of the Grid