For Open Source Sustainability: Introducing IssueHunt Sponsorship program

Jan 9, 2019 · 2 min read
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IssueHunt is an issue-based bounty platform for open source projects.

Since the launched of IssueHunt in July 2018, many OSS projects have listed their repositories on our website.

These projects collected over a few thousand dollars from companies and individuals around the world. We are certain that these funds will accelerate the OSS development and help emerge next technological innovations.

Become a part of this significant movement by helping us pursue our mission of building a sustainable open-source community.

The economics of open source.

Before we build IssueHunt, we managed open-source software Boostnote, a note-taking app for developers. The project got over 11k+ Github stars in two years, and hundreds of developers contributed to our project.

Initially, we made IssueHunt as bounty program for Boostnote. The concept of IssueHunt worked very well where many issues resolved in a few days.

Our experience with Boostnote, made us realize issue based open-source bounty has the potential to improve the open-source ecosystem overall.

We think enthusiastic open source developers are not appropriately rewarded no matter how much they contribute to the technology evolution.

Many leading projects use open-source software, but no matter how they are essential, the owners of those projects juggle multiple jobs to sustain their living.

We want to fix this situation by nurturing a healthy open-source ecosystem.

Monthly Subscription Program

We are looking for the monthly subscription sponsor for OSS.

Benefit of sponsorship

  • ”Increase developers contributions by 6x” / Several projects listed on IssueHunt increased developers contributions (=number of pull requests) by 6x by raising funds from sponsors. By supporting open source through IssueHunt, sponsors will able to network with leading open source communities.
  • ”Over 40% of issues get solved within 2 months” / Since the launch of the IssueHunt in July 2018, many open source projects joined us and many sponsors contributed to projects. Over 40% of issues with funds have been solved within 2 months. IssueHunt has proved funded issues will accelerate the projects development speed. With our sponsorship program, you can directly support the open source community.

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What can we do to return the favor to OSS developers?
IssueHunt enables us to reward OSS developers from small amount as a glass of beer.

Start creating a sustainable open source ecosystem together with IssueHunt.


The funding platform for open-source projects.

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