Pewdiepie- A Tribute

Amidst all the hate surrounding him at the moment, an honest look at the biggest Youtuber in the world.

Let’s start with a bit of background

I first subscribed to Pewdiepie on YouTube years ago. I was told about an English YouTuber who made weird but funny videos about FIFA, a game I was playing a lot at the time (and still am).

Whilst watching one of these videos, in the recommendations was a Pewdiepie video. I remember thinking FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!, look how many subscribers this guys has (around 800k at the time) compared to the guy I was already watching. I watched a few videos and liked how daft but yet intelligent his comedy style was. Childish daft jokes on the surface, but yet made with a level of irony that you’d only see if you watched a few videos, which made them funny. Sort of like the ‘one ring’ from Lord of the Rings - a nice shiny ring to someone paying it little to no attention but made in the fires of Mordor by the evil Sauron himself.

A few years went by (yes, years!) and i found myself watching less of his gaming videos and more of the videos of him doing other, random — talk to the camera, type stuff. I found myself (not in a gay way, although there’s nothing wrong with being gay, I’m just not, although family members did think I was going to be growing up, but that has nothing to do with this so ignore I said anything and let’s get back to the point at hand) appreciating more his personality and humour than his reactions to games. This is after all what separates him from the many MANY! different gaming channels on Youtube.

‘everyone makes the same old shit’

over the past few years, Felix has become the most subscribed to Youtuber in the world, by a fucking mile! Like, nobody else even comes close. And because of this he has a certain freedom that other content creators don’t have. You see, when you watch videos on Youtube, you quickly realise that most of the videos follow the same sort of structure (everyone makes the same shit) and there’s not much originality (everyone makes the same old shit).

It’s this freedom that’s let Pewdiepie leave the crowd and focus on making videos that he wants to make — After all, as a viewer, it’s much better to watch a video where the creator is clearly thinking ‘Fuck it I’m going to do this today because I think it’s funny’, rather than ‘I really don’t want to make another video of me playing Minecraft for 5 hours, I’ve already uploaded 3000, there’s nothing more I can build! but people will watch it and I need to pay the bills, so here we go’.

The recent Drama

Recently Felix vowed to make more content that HE wanted to make and not bother trying to please other people. This has resulted in some of the most original and (in my opinion) funny videos he’s ever made, and has (again in my opinion) cemented him amongst the top entertainers in the world today.

However, when you make videos that you think are funny and you don’t worry about making it as ‘PC’ as possible, you offend people, and thats exactly what happened.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock or in a bunker waiting for The Donald to destroy the world, Pewdiepie recently made a video seeing what people would do for $5 on a website specifically made for this. One of the tasks was to see if a girl would play a video game with him, she said no as it wasn’t the game she had offered to play. However this wasn’t the ‘controversial’ part.

‘Hitler did nothing wrong’

He then proceeded to ask a man dressed as Jesus — As in Jesus Christ, the Messiah, son of god, king of the Jews, water into wine, rise from the dead, miracle worker — Jesus! to say ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’… That isn’t all, he then requested that two guys hold up a banner saying ‘Death to all Jews’ and at the same time say ‘subscribe to Keemstar’ (someone who won’t be getting a tribute any time soon)… He asked these people to do this for $5… he asked grown men (3 of them) to do this for $5. The requests however weren’t rejected, in fact to his absolute shock, they took the $5 and made the videos.

The ‘Oldschool’ click-bait media

To a large portion of the audience this was hilarious… Like no way have they just done that for $5… And they said ‘subscribe to Keemstar’ at the same time thats amazing!

However Pewdiepie is a big name and people are interested in him (seriously if you don’t know who he is, just stop reading this, go to his Youtube page, spend a few days watching his videos and come back. But make sure you do come back, I need the attention). So what better way to sell newspapers or get people to visit our website than to post a story about him. But we don’t have a story… oh wait, we can make one up. What if we took small parts of his videos and made it look like he’s a racist Nazi? GREAT IDEA!

So this is what happened. The news media made stories and Felix laughed them off, and while at it, made more Nazi references to show how stupid the articles were. This was hilarious to watch. But these were just more 5 second, out-of-context clips that they could use to brand him as a racist and in turn make more money for themselves. Oh did I mention they caused him to lose his ties to Disney and Youtube? Below’s the video of him defending himself.

In conclusion

Pewdiepie is one of the biggest entertainers in the world, people click on his videos, not because they see a click-bait title or image but because they want to watch him. He’s made a ridiculous amount of money from what started as playing games, but if you watch his videos regularly you’ll know that he never shows off about it. Think about it, if you made millions doing what you love and had millions of people visiting you every day online, would you be a bit big headed? Would you buy a Lamborghini, show it off to everyone and never shut up about it? The only time you’ll see him showing off about his fame or fortune is when he’s being blatantly ironic. He’s made millions for charity too by the way.

His videos are filled with inside jokes and between-the-lines comedy. It’s not unlike Monty Python in that it’s clearly daft and not at all taken seriously but it’s created by an intelligent person who can laugh at his self.

News articles can and will continue to spend their time writing fake news articles but whilst the real videos are there as evidence of their lies, their days are numbered. When you make a video, people will get offended but if you know you’re in the right, trust that your fans will too. Keep pushing boundaries, keep being honest and keep doing what YOU want to do.

Over 50 million people are currently subscribed to Pewdiepie and that number is only growing. And he’s doing it all with just him and a camera!

Thanks for reading! Well done for reading to the end! If you liked this then feel free to force it upon someone else! I’m going to be writing a lot more, this is just me losing my Medium virginity- I hate when people say that, I’m sorry! If you’d like to follow this publication thing that’d be great.

Thanks again.