Weekly Log (31 July — 6 August 2017)

I’ve decided to start doing a weekly public writing log, to help orientate myself for the coming days, weeks, months.

However, this kind of content might help you too!

  1. I think I’ve followed back everyone who is following me or any of my journals. But I need to check this once a week.
  2. I’ve just written a new, improved call to action. I have also saved it as a template; with only minor changes to be made, each time. However, I’ve only pasted it into the article for August. So I need to add it to any older articles too. If it is possible that there are any places where this template is not viewed as highly as elsewhere, I can modify it appropriately; according to the context. Also, copying and pasting the template from MS word results in the heading for the final line of the CTA becoming normal font. I need to make sure I manually edit this every time; not least because of the need for consistency!
  3. With hindsight, deleting all my tags for my articles has proven unwise. I was worried about SEO: however, with a maximum of five tags per article, ‘cramming’ the articles with keyword tags hardly seems a likely prospect. I have recently started using them again; but there are older articles which still don’t have any. I will need to add some.
  4. I still have a few articles which contains tweets and no texts. These do very badly. I need to transcribe the tweets instead.
  5. I need to check if there are any ‘orphaned’ articles, which should be in one of my journals, or one of the other ones I am linked to.
  6. I can occasionally cast around for journal writers; this is not a huge necessity.
  7. I still have some stuff on Facebook I should be incorporating here.

If I think of anything more, I’ll add to it!

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