Meet Daniel — Our Chief Spirit Officer

Franzi(ska) Gonder
Jan 15, 2015 · 2 min read

His name is Daniel, and he’s our Chief Spirit Officer. He’s just like the rest of the #charity tribe: He’s an #everydayhero and an #ITProWhoCares.
He believes that change happens at the intersection of compassion and creativity.

Daniel has a set of beliefs and values that get him up in the morning and inspire his actions:

  • He’s good-hearted
  • He cares
  • He gives forward
  • He changes the world from behind his computer
  • He’s technically skilled, and…
  • Until he found #charity, he was looking for volunteering opportunities☺
Meet Daniel, CSO at #charity

At #charity, we’re not just building a company — we’re building a community. Our brand is the sum of our community members, and Daniel is a representation of this community. Daniel is our voice and yours.

If you ever want to tell him about your #charity experience, ask him a question, or just chat, email He’d love to hear from you, and usually responds pretty quickly.

Now, the beautiful thing about this community is that it’s growing as a two-sided marketplace. Through #charity, top-notch techies and high-impact nonprofits connect upon the same foundation of values. This is a transformational hybrid of a tribe, a marriage between social good and technology.

Join Daniel and the rest of us for this magical journey. It’s just beginning.

The #charity team

You can follow this link for our early-bird access:

ITpros Who Care stories and news

ITpros Who Care stories and news

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ITpros Who Care stories and news