What do you understand the meaning behind it? Nowadays people uses the word “friend” to just make it sound better for a stranger or a new person you’ve being introduced at.

Have you ever felt being left out? Having so many friends but you still felt the loneliness? But whenever they have something or in need of something they’ll come to you. No doubt. All you wanted was to have a normal conversation with them but they are using you as a tool. It’s as if you’re their “saviour” to their problems.

The word “friend” is meaningful if you understand the meaning truthfully. It’s such a big word. People uses it like it’s meaningless.

As I’m writing this post using my iPhone, lying in bed, listening to this song on repeat mode and suddenly I can’t sleep, it’s saddens me.

I hope with this post people like me and others can learn something useful. It’s the meaning that counts not the word.

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