Which Linux distribution should I use ??

In my last article we discussed why we should start using Linux as your primary operating system.In this article we will see how to select appropriate distro which will not disturb your routine.

Seriously, I have been using Windows OS for almost 10–12 years but recently Linux started drawing my attention and after a week long thinking I decided to switch to Linux. It was really a tough decision as I was moving out of my comfort zone.

My first question was which Linux distribution should I use as there are ‘n’ number of distributions and on top of it they are FREE.

I guess this would be the situation for you too when you think to switch to Linux.

Some questions worth thinking about before deciding on a distribution include:

  • What is the main function of the system? (server or desktop)
  • What types of packages are important to the organization? For example, web server, word processing, etc.
  • How much hard disk space is available? For example, when installing Linux on an embedded device, there will be space limitations.
  • How often are packages updated?
  • How long is the support cycle for each release? For example, LTS releases have long term support.
  • Do you need kernel customization from the vendor?
  • What hardware are you running the Linux distribution on? For example, X86, ARM, PPC, etc.
  • Do you need long-term stability or short-term experimental software?

Some distributions for beginners

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Linux Mint
  • openSUSE
  • Fedora
  • Debian

You can get them for free and try it !!!

Enjoy Linux because software problems should not cost Money !!!