M.G. Siegler introduced me to 4 persons inside my iPhone

Yesterday night M.G. Siegler, @mgsiegler, introduced me to quite some interesting voices, which happen to reside inside my phone. Stine from Norway, Alva from Sweden, Mónica from Spain, but most important, Alex from England. With his 500-word article Listen, M.G. opened up an entirely new way to use my iPhone: Letting it read articles out loud. Using my 7th. iPhone, this feature had escaped me altogether. Last night I tried out both Stine and Alva, but Alex surpassed all of them.

Note to Norwegians.

M.G. says about Alex: It’s like a fatherly voice. That’s true. It’s relaxing and pleasant enough. I just let Alex read an article from Aeon, and it was nice.

Paraphrasing M.G.; my iPhone isn’t just a radio and a TV device, it also give me podcast and music, let me read newspapers, magazines and books. Now, in addition to all these excellent features, it now also reads text out loud to me.

Now I have something more to beat future boredness and inevitably sickness. I’m utterly grateful for MG sharing me this «secret» weapon of him!