Jesus and His Kingdom — The Balance Between Evangelical and Liberal Scholarship

Check out this fantastic article: “Looking For the Historical Jesus between Evangelical and Liberal Scholarship” by my friend Sean Finnegan over at his new site Restitutio.

“…we can grasp a majority of the data contained in the Gospels: (1) Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet of the eschatological kingdom and (2) Jesus was a messianic claimant. Jesus is certainly more than this, but not less. Jesus was not concerned with many of the things that we might think he would be from our twenty-first century viewpoint. He did not tell people to “accept him into their hearts” so that they can “go to heaven when they die.” Jesus was not a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, mega pastor, who through seeker sensitive methodology befriended behaviorally challenged people and taught them to be nice to each other so that they could have a good afterlife. No, Jesus was obsessed with the coming kingdom and repentance in light of it!”
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