NotWork Volume 4

Stop burning down that Kanban backlog, it will still be there tomorrow… and the next day… and the day after… and this weekend…

And now, the 4th volume of NotWork, a celebration of engineering projects that are actually fun.

Notable Notworks

SSH Tron — Multiplayer Light Cycle via SSH

3DNES Project — Incredible project to build an NES emulator that algorithmically turns 2d NES games into 3D — “Everything is calculated automatically in runtime. Nothing is done manually,”

A homemade 8 bit computer — Ben Eater’s awesome project to build an 8 bit computer from scratch

Google’s Artificial Brain Is Pumping Out Trippy — And Pricey — Art (Wired)

And on that note…

NeuralDoodle — Convert 8 bit doodles to works of art

Minesweeper GB — A homebrew version of Minesweeper made for the original Gameboy

Somehow music is involved

System-Bus-Radio — Play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on 1580 kHz AM using memory writes

Rainbow Theremin — Now you can make theremin music using your webcam

Blackbird — A visual exploration of your music library, based on the “Beets” project

Speakerbot — A music bot for the Discord chat app.

Tonal — A Javascript music theory library. This a surprisingly complete, I wish I had a use for it at the moment.

Equally fantastic projects, but I can’t figure out where they go

Zeronet — “Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network”.

Slacknimate — Text animations in Slack using the edit functionality. And here’s an excellent use case.

Watch animated gif’s whilst you ‘npm install’ — This is probably faster than the original loading bar

The Most Dangerous Writing App — Don’t stop writing or you’ll lose everything!

TableFlipper Gem - “A useless gem that prepends the table flipper on Exception messages”

Git-Khalid — “Khaledify” your commit messages 🔑

Control your LIFX lights from the command line

Working on something that’s not work related? Drop me a line at or @mdp on Twitter.