Apple Music set the trend for unlicensed mixes and remixes consumption.

Apple Music is making a smart move enabling unlicensed mixes, remixes, and mashups to be available to all their listeners with Dubset:

If the other streaming platforms follow, this should bring forward an era that we have all expected, an era when you don’t have to switch anymore between streaming platforms to enjoy real fresh music everywhere. This would also represent an opportunity for music diggers and influencers to curate playlists without catalog limitations.

20% of Internet users worldwide regularly listen to some kind of unlicensed music services. — IFPI

The only remaining question? Will DJs and content creators upload these tunes to Apple Music and all the platforms following their lead? There may be an opportunity for online music distributors to offer free multi-publishing services and identify promising unsigned artists in the process. It’s no surprise that Dubset wants to be the first mover on this market:

Dubset hopes to extend its services to all streaming platforms in the future, and open up the industry to a huge stream of revenue that was previously untapped. — Dancing Astronaut

Detailed info on Billboard:

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