Lido Halloween Concert Review

Everyone’s opinions on Halloween change with age. When you are a little kid, it is probably one of the top 3 days of the entire year. All you have to do is dress up, knock on some doors and get some free candy. Then you might have hit that misfit age where you terrorized your neighborhood with toilet paper and eggs. In college Halloween becomes Halloweekend or Halloweek depending on how many costume parties you go to. Post grad life weens you out of that where you may go out once or twice and still enjoy yourself. Last but not least, when you have kids of your own they steal the show and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get some skittles out of buying him or her a $50 costume they will wear once.

Luckily I’m still in that early post grad phase and I go out and enjoy myself on Halloween. I went to see Lido perform at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He put on a jaw dropping performance to say the least. I knew Lido was a very skilled pianist with a history of playing religious music which involves very complex suspensions, 7th, 9th and 13th chords. (For all my non classically trained musicians out there that didn’t quite understand that, I apologize.) To make it simpler, it’s part of how Lido gets his unique epic sound. What I didn’t know about Lido was that he could sing, but we will get to that later.

He opened his performance with a great song off the I Love You EP “Money.”

It is amazing how truly great performers know how to let the excitement build up in the crowd and then at just the right time drop a complete banger. Now I don’t want to call this an exclusive, but it will be incredibly hard to find video and probably impossible to find the mp3 of this track on the internet. So to all my Remy Boyz and my Trap Queens, enjoy this one. I know it got the crowd hyped.

After playing some high energy songs, Lido took it down but the experience was better than I ever could have imagined walking into the show. Here is a video of him doing a live performance of his remix to Disclosure’s hit song “Latch” ft. Sam Smith. For anyone that has followed Lido for maybe the past year or two, you know he released this remix and it exploded all over the internet. Then within a day or so it was taken down literally everywhere, because of copyright laws. Luckily, Lido was so kind as to release a remix pack in January with a ton of great songs including his “Latch remix” so the world could have it, and if I am being perfectly honest if we still lived in a world where CDs were the main source of playing music I would have destroyed mine from overplaying it. By the way, this is the point in the show where I was truly blown away because I realized Lido could sing. So just in case you skipped the first two videos, which you should really go back and watch since they are really cool, don’t skip this one. His performance while not nearly as mind blowing on an iPhone recording as it was in person is still beyond amazing.

EDIT: I just realized youtube took down this video. Here is the Instagram clip. Sorry about that!

Even with that phenomenal performance the Norwegian artist did not stop there. His finale has possibly one of the funkiest bass lines in all of EDM and that’s honestly the best way to describe it. It was the Alizzz remix of his song “I Love You”. It was the perfect ending to the perfect show.

The bass line!

So there you go. My take on Lido’s performance on Halloween. Overall it was a great show and a great crowd as well. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at to get the picture and video teasers until I have the chance to put up the blog. I know its almost a week after Halloween at this point, but anyone in the post grad life can tell you exactly what I will. Life comes at you fast. So if you are in that magical college age where you can go out 3 or 4 times for Halloween, live it up because it doesn’t last forever. Or on the flip side, if you are a small child reading this blog I congratulate you on your diverse taste in music but I am more than a little confused how you got to this site anyways. I’m pretty sure your parents should be watching your internet habits. Anyway until the next blog enjoy the videos and support the artists.

P.S. I put one semi music nerd thing earlier in the blog and I can’t help but do it again. If you listen to Lido’s music he puts the notes in the picture at the top of the blog somewhere in every song I have heard by him. It is very subtle at times and sometimes it is at a break in the music, so it would substitute a drum fill. One time, he even made it a requirement you play the notes on a virtual keyboard to download some of his free music at which I thought was genius, but definitely frustrated some people, as I saw on twitter. Anyway, it’s just something to keep your ears open for.

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