To Ü Remix EP Review

In this case its better late than never. This EP came out a few weeks ago but the songs on it are all fresh takes on the song “To Ü” featuring AlunaGeorge by Jack Ü. This EP features remixes by George (half of AlunaGeorge), Oliver, Clean Bandit and two takes on the song by Armin Van Helden.

Most people know Clean Bandit from their radio hits “Rather Be” and “Real Love.” Honestly I can’t blame them because those songs are great. However, knowing Jack Ü’s sound I was really intrigued to hear what their take was on the song. It did not disappoint. It comes in with Aluna’s lovely vocals accompanied by piano and hand claps that really get you moving. Then all of a sudden the build comes and this deep bass comes in and just gives the track that extra push. It is very well done.

I always think it is interesting to see an artist’s own take on a song that they created and that is exactly what happened with George. This artist is actually the other half of AlunaGeorge and therefore collaborated with Jack Ü on the original song. This is his individual take on the song. To accurately explain this song you need to understand a quote by Leopold Stokowski. He said “…musicians paint their pictures on silence.” Now you may be thinking what does this quote by some guy who died almost 40 years ago have to do with a song that just came out. Well honestly, listening to that song I heard trap style drops using marimba, saxophone and a synthesizer that sounded almost like an orchestral string instrument playing pizzicato (when you pluck the strings on a violin, cello or other string instrument instead of using the bow). In my head that paints a picture of George wanting his high school symphony orchestra to get extra hyped and turn up during the concert. He definitely produced a great remix and painted a great picture.

I can’t go without mentioning Armin Van Helden. He titled his two remixes “Hype” and “Deep.” It is almost as if you get to hear two different sides of his musical self and that is very cool.

Last but certainly not least is the Oliver remix. When I first discovered who was on the remix EP I was most excited for this song. It is mostly because Oliver made one of my favorite remixes ever, when they remixed Madeon’s “You’re On.” So with lofty expectations, I clicked play and I loved what I heard. The airy verses combined with the funk I expected to begin with made this song my favorite on the EP.

So thats my take on Jack Ü’s To Ü Remix EP. Make sure you go support the artists by purchasing the music. Here is the link to buy the EP:

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