Why Engineers Should Work In The Music Industry In 2016

If you’re a techie, 2016 is THE year to work in the music industry. Market structuring is in fast-forward motion with a flurry of fund-raising, acquisitions, skyrocketing startups, and profound innovations. This is the time that will define online music for the coming five to ten years. Here are three, 2016 market trends that should attract the best engineers towards the music industry.

1. With Change Comes Great Opportunity

2016 will be a year of opportunity. Big changes are ahead as the industry’s consolidation goes into a frenzy. We can expect more fundraising, acquisitions and fundamental changes: leading radios entering the game, pure players facing giant newcomers, a common front against free streaming, and a deeper fragmentation of the ways in which we enjoy music.

As a tech engineer, these are the years when the projects you’ll be working on will not only be incremental, but revolutionary and really have a permanent impact. As long as you arrive in the industry soon, chances are you’ll get to lead big tech projects and manage rapidly growing tech teams.

2. Long Live APIs.

Currently, there are dozens of great streaming platforms out there; you don’t want to work on a new one that will struggle against harsh competition and a volatile audience. You should also think twice before joining cool music startups who only cater to niche audiences. These projects are great, but can’t really skyrocket.

This is a time for APIs to rise. Innovation will happen between the existing, key players. That’s why the industry needs data storytellers, solid API builders, and creative API handlers, to transcend streaming platform boundaries, and to make streaming better and worth paying for.

3. A Soundtrack To Our Lives

Have you ever been jealous of the movie actors who get to shower with motivational rock songs or go in to kiss their crush with the backing of a symphonic orchestra? These dreams may become a reality: 2016 will industrialize Spotify’s experiments, allowing your playlist to follow you into your Uber ride, or be at the heart of your brand experience at Starbucks.

Wireless, smart speakers are moving into our homes, but what if entire cities start broadcasting your own playlists when you cross them? What if nightclub DJs mix in live tunes algorithmically voted from the crowds in front of them? Now is the time for you to make all this happen, turning gadgets into real life-changers.

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