Facebook android application UX review

Source: Unsplash

Have you ever wondered how Facebook would look like if you lost the Internet connection? I made a review of their android application to see how their UX looks like in that situation. Here is what I found.

What I did

  • download the app
  • log in
  • load news feed
  • close the app
  • turn off the internet connection
  • open the app

Ok, a splash screen is there and it’s fine, but then when it goes forward on the main screen there was no loading showed.

That is a bad approach, if they load something they need to show to the user some progress bar. How should we know that something will happen? If immediately something will appear on the screen it’s ok if you don’t show loading. In this case, they probably load something so you can’t leave the user to wait for it without noticing him that SOMETHING will happen
 Suggestion: show the loading immediately till you load the data that you want to show

A few seconds after

Oh, there is something! I got one item at the top of the screen and guess what? Now I have a loading bar! Ok, it’s fine, now I have the loading so I know that there could be more items to load I just need to wait for them.

Great, I got one more item! Again, there is a loading bar below the second item. I expect that there could be more items to show, great approach! After some time, I got many more items, so I decided to scroll to the end of the list to see what will happen.

There is a loading bar, awesome. Then this happen, loading stay there like forever, I was waiting for 2 minutes and still there was loading. Hey, Facebook if there are no more items to load, please let me know, don’t leave me to wait forever.

OK, enought of the news feed, I want to check my friend’s requests, oh wait, so Facebook you don’t cache the friend’s requests?

I got the message, now I know that I don’t need to expect anything to load, great. Let’s see what will happen if I try to search for something.

Hmm… maybe this loading bar should be in the center of the view? Don’t you think so? I wonder what will happen if I try to type something…

Oh NO! There is no an unknown problem with loading my search suggestion, you actually know what is the problem, I don’t have the internet connection. If you know what is the problem (and you should know) tell me that!

Please, Facebook let me know what is the problem if you know it. 
 Hmm… can’t I see my profile details, do you cache it Facebook?

No, you don’t cache it.

Did something go wrong? Facebook, I don’t have the internet connection, you should know that.

What? Wait, you find out that I don’t have the Internet connection? Why didn’t you know that before? Also, why your empty screen photo is not the same size as on the screen before?


Facebook is an awesome app, their android developers are awesome, motivated and they know how to build one of the TOP android applications out there. There are some problems, but which app doesn’t have problems? Facebook, I just want to tell you that you should put more effort in the details like the ones mentioned above. You should be proud of your app but please Facebook, don’t ignore those problems. There will always be some android developers outside that will copy your UX experience, and they will ignore details because you do it. What will happen? The quality of android apps will decrease because the big players ignore UX so everyone thinks that they should do it to.

Originally published at itworkslocal.ly on October 22, 2016.