How to migrate your blog to Medium with custom domain if you don’t have DNS management set

We’ve decided to move from Digital Ocean instance and Ghost platform (which is awesome blogging platform!) to Medium in order to allow every author to write both technical and non-technical posts on the same platform.

First, you need to request migration via form on link in the first sentence at

Medium support will respond with message (big one) and info regarding your migration.

Since we are using unusual domain ly registered at we weren’t able to use guides provided in the Medium support email. Additionally, we haven’t been using DNS services so we actually couldn’t update DNS records on our own.

Cloudflare to the rescue

We’ve used Cloudflare’s free plan available at to manage our DNS records. Simply register and complete process of adding new site. Cloudflare will automatically update DNS info for your current site. You’ll have to wait some time for changes to propagate over network.

Once you get notification about successful completion, you can manage your DNS through Cloudflare web UI. Now you can add CNAME and A records as described in the mail provided by the Medium support.

Bad news for you are that you have to manually add all 12 A records one by one. After you’re done, you (again) need to wait for DNS to propagate before you have Medium publication available on your domain.

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