Stay In “The (Tech) Loop”

Do you ever have moments in the day that are too short to do any real work, but too long to ignore? I am talking about moments like waiting for your bus, a gap between lectures or waiting for someone in the car. Yea, we all click random stuff on our phones and refresh the e-mail client even though we get our e-mail pushed to us. But not anymore! I always try to find new ways to fill in those gaps with something useful and this is how I found out about UsePanda.

What is it?

It is a news and inspiration aggregator for dozens of tech sites/blogs. Whether you are a UI gal, a UX guru, want to find cool stuff on GitHub, or like to read the latest cool lifestyle posts, chances are you will love what UsePanda has to offer.

It is easy to get started. Visit UsePanda and choose a platform you want to UsePanda on (Web, Chrome extension, iOS). After you get to your dashboard you will have a choice of different content sources to choose from. Pick your favourites and start reading.

Learn On The Go

If you own a iOS device you can download the UsePanda app from the iTunes App Store. That way you can learn about new projects, technologies, ideas and inspire your creative work wherever you go.

Originally published at on January 6, 2016.