To be excellent you don’t need to love your job

Source: Unsplash

Don’t take popular business advice so seriously, it’s great to follow them, but it’s not necessary.

I was thinking about one of the most popular business advice ever, “You need to love what you do” or “You need to be passionate about your job”. Well, I don’t believe in that. It’s nice to have those characteristics but it’s not necessary to have them to do a great job.

Let’s be clear, when you are working on something it’s the most crucial thing to be excellent. What will get you the results? Passion, love or excellence? The only one important thing at the job is to get the results. To do a great job you need to be excellent.

It’s simple

There is also most popular advice “You need to be happy on your job”. What? Tell me one thing, when you got a job, what is the deal all about? You work xy hours and you will be paid xy $ for that. It’s simple, the company pays for your work. Why do you think that you should be happy all the time? It’s work, you will be happy sometimes, but sometimes there will come hard moment’s and you won’t be happy. Is that a reason to change a job? No, it’s life, it’s work, you should work when you are happy, but you should also work while you are sad. None care about that, it’s a deal: you work — you got a salary.

Don’t take me so seriously

I don’t want to point out that you should be on the job on which you are not happy. I just want to point out that it’s not necessary to love your job or to be passionate for it. Yes, it helps to do a better job if you love it, or if you have a passion for it. But it’s not necessary to have them to be excellent and got the results.