IT2GO2 Company Update — How we are expanding our business

At IT2GO2, we try discovering new ways to expand our business. This month has contained a lot of experimentation for where our business will be heading next. From hardware and forensic analysis to webinars, we believe we have discovered some interesting ways to expand the business.

Hardware and Forensic analysis

Hardware analysis is the examination of the computer and digital devices. We then eventually are able to give a diagnosis of the condition of the device. Forensic analysis is a similar process, but it has to do with the discovery of fraudulent activities or vulnerabilities that your computer or network could have been subject to. By offering these two services, we greatly increase the number of people we are able to help out. This is because these two services help protect and save customers resources.


We are currently planning to launch our webinar forensics series called “Hacking: Myth vs Reality”. In it, we help clear up some misconceptions about hacking and how to protect yourself from actual threats instead of the fake ones. The presentation will be done by the IT2GO2’s CEO (Michael Raber) and Senior Technical Adviser (Michael Navazhylau). Webinars can be seen as a branch of content marketing. By doing something like webinars for your business, you can help establish your authority and expertise in the field. By attending our webinar series, we will send you an online complimentary coupon for our services.

Local Coupon Distribution

When you are a company that is mainly is b2b, it is important to make sure that companies know that you exist. Technical problems occur in companies all the time. By sending companies surrounding us locally coupons, we are essentially sending them a callback card that they can use when a problem does arise. They also know that since we are in the neighborhood, it provides them with more convenience. Our company highly recommends this if your business is related to local services in some way or fashion and is b2b.

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