Catalonia’s authorities welcome international students at the open ceremony

Some declarations taken by our Magdalena Greco at the Open Ceremony of the 15th World Summit of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau, Permsec’s president Ekaterina Zagladyna, Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus and Generalitat’s president Artur Más.

The 15th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates begins with a short declaration by Ada Colau, the Major of Barcelona. She underlines how she is grateful, to the Nobel Peace Laureates for their example, their commitment and their work. For having made this world a better living. Especially, she strongly would like to thank the Nobel Peace Prize Winners, for having made people think that peace is possible, if everyone of us is helping and works in order to achieve this goal.

When the turn of President Zagladina occurred, she underlines how, during the 2015 Edition of the Summit, the central themes that are going to be discussed are: human rights, conflict prevention and resolution, environment, disarmement. But mostly: How can peace been obtained? In the modern crisis of migrants, one of the biggest ones in our age, it is important not to close our eyes. To advocated for refugees is to advocate for the world peace in all its dimension. But it is not enough. We should eliminate causes for the humanitarian crisis. Through compassion, tolerance and dialogue, each of us can change the dimension of humanity. In her words: “Barcelona 2015 is the starting point for the dialogue in the Mediterranean area.”

The following speaker of the preliminary session of this World Summit of Nobel Laureates was Muhammad Yunus:

“We need this message for the world right now. Peace.”

In his opinion, there are three problems in the contemporary world:

  1. Global economy: the deal is that nowadays economy is concentrated in a few hands, reagionally, nationally. This concentration is unsustainable. A new system should be created, a system that does not work by putting everything in one hand.
  2. Unemployment of young people: the unemployement of young people is something described as simply unsustainable. It is just a waste of energy that should be destroied.
  3. Refugees: there 20 millions refugees around the world, and only Europe witnessed half a million refugees during the last year. The deal is: why do we have to force people to leave their home, their residences from generations? How can we contain this problem? How can we make people to feel safe where they live?

The United Nations are today working to accomplish the 17 Sustainable Goals. The idea Yanus had is to work on the theme of social business. There is the goal of promoting an idea of business focused on solving problems, not on making them. Following this idea, resources could go in the hands of people who do not have resources. As a consequence, we can create social business in order to achieve the Zero Poverty and the Zero Unemployment objective. Concerning the latter, mankind should remember that human beings are not job seekers, but they are job creators. Young people, consequently, should be job creators.

To conclude he express the following wish:

“We should create a civilisation not built on selfishness.”

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