The University of Barcelona at 07.15 am.

World Summit — Day 1

Ready to start, a little sleepy but very excited

The Opening Ceremony

Written by Magdalena Greco

06.00 a.m. my alarm starts ringing and I immediately wake up thinking:

“Today is the day”.

​07.30 a.m. Just arrived at the University. Everything is dark all around me, and just a few people are starting moving towards the entrance. While I am crossing the threshold and I am starting walking on the long light blue carpet that workers are rolling out, I feel as if I am starting living a delicate, marvellous and sweet dream.

08.51 a.m. We are sitting in the main hall of the University of Barcelona.

Soft music in the air, hundreds of students just thrilled about being here. Everyone is wearing elegant clothes and have a smile as bright as a diamond. I can see students from the United States, students with almond eyes wearing papillon and high heels.

Photograph are holding the biggest cameras I have ever seen and are moving all around.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 15th world summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, the Opening Ceremony will start in five minutes. Please take your seats”.

Here we go.
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