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A road map for the next phase

Dear ITAM holders,

It’s not too much to say the last few weeks have been a dynamic ride. We’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time, and we are settling down successfully in our new home, the BSC ecosystem. It has been a fun and bumpy road! However, we’ve heard feedback (yes we listen to them!) that too much of what we’ve done has been done behind the closets, and many of you would like to know more about the rebranding and new strategy of ITAM. Well, we’ve heard you, so here is a piece of our mind!

1. What was ITAM Games?

As our oldest and most loyal holders will know, ITAM has started as ITAM Games, an NFT game platform. We wanted to be the pioneers of NFT gaming, by revolutionizing the mobile gaming ecosystem, and creating a gaming platform where you would truly own the game assets you had in whatever game you were playing. We focused a lot on the tech behind the concept, with for example the NFT.Farm, a platform that is used to trade in game assets freely.

2. Why rebranding? and what is our new vision?

A lot happened in 3 years. We’ve had games published (Darktown and Dungeon Princess for example) on the platform and perfected the tech side of the platform. However, there are things we have missed and those are mainly visibility and usability. While we had a working product out on the market, we spent so much time making it work, and not enough time making it known and used.

In the meanwhile, the NFT ecosystem had grown, reaching sectors like paintings, music and sport! So we decided to reassess the strength of ITAM and propose a new vision. It was quite simple for us, and it had 3 pillars:

(1) ITAM had built a working NFT trade platform, with a token associated to it, and this platform didn’t need to be limited to games. So we have decided to broaden the asset classes that ITAM and NFT.Farm was going to service.

(2) The BSC Ecosystem was truly an exciting project we wanted to be part of, and more interestingly, where the NFT concept had not bloomed (yet) like it did on the Ethereum chain.

(3) We saw an opportunity to make ourselves visible and usable through the wide adoption of DeFi.

Based on these 3 aspects, we’ve decided to aim to become a cross chain marketplace for all types of NFTs, with the ITAM token being our bridge between various chains.

3. How do we plan to accomplish that?

Our 3 keywords are NFT, DeFi and cross-chain. We want to be the goto cross chain NFT platform on the market, and for that we want to make ourselves known by being active in the DeFi sphere.

Our first step was to bridge our original mainnet to our new one, the BSC. As you all know this has already been done successfully thanks to the hard work of our developers. So you could say we are already a cross chain platform.

However, we are going to avoid making the same mistakes this time and make sure to make ourselves known. And this is where our main focus was these few days. As you’ve seen, we have partnered up with major players in the BSC ecosystem (PancakeSwap, CafeSwap, Alpaca Finance and LaunchZone). This allows us to put our project and our token in front of the everyday users and provide potential users ways to get their hands on our token.

4. What is our plan now?

Now we keep pushing forward with this new vision in mind. A lot of people ask whether we are done with gaming now that we’ve removed “game” from our name. That’s absolutely not the case, we’ve just expanded our reach in terms of NFT classes, not given up gaming. In fact, we are expecting a new mobile game (Lime Odyssey) to be released by Q2 2021 on our platform. To give you a sneak peak of what we are preparing for this year:

· Until May 2021: We will achieve our successful partnership with LaunchZone as ITAM is listed on SwapX and PoolX

· Until July 2021: We will be releasing the new game Lime Odyssey.

· Until July 2021: We are planning to expand our cross-mainnet reach into the Polygon mainnet, allowing NFT trading between ETH, BSC, Polygon. This will start with Lime Odyssey supporting NFT export to the Polygon mainnet for the in-game assets.

· Q2 2021: We will be inviting content providers for other types of NFTs on our trading platform and focus on developing the market.

· Q2 2021: We will support ITAM bridge applicable to ERC20 tokens (including Matic ERC20) so that other tokens enable to convert to BEP20. It is also linking to a deflationary mechanism.

· Ongoing: We are always researching ways to improve our cross-mainnet reach, studying the best way to bridge various projects. In addition, listings on various CEX/DEXs are currently in a process.

5. A word on the ITAM token

Many people asked us basic info like how many circulating tokens and how many were created during the ICO. First of all, our apologies that some information out there is outdated and confusing. We hope we can provide more clarity here.

· The max number of tokens that can be issued is 2,500,000,000.

· However, during our ICO in 2018, we have decided to issue 650,000,000 tokens restricted by the CEX at 0.01 USD.

As a DAO, in order to issue more tokens we would need to go through a governance vote, and have the approval of the exchange.

Needless to say, we cannot decide to increase the number of tokens ourselves (we estimate that ITAM currently holds 20% of the circulating volume) and given that we would need holder’s AND CEX’s support, it’s unlikely today that it will increase.

As a summary:

· We issued 650,000,000 tokens.

· There is a possibility to issue more up to 2,500,000,000 tokens, but we would need a governance vote and the support of the CEX. However, major parts of issued tokens will be burned if additional tokens were issued.

6. Further improvements of the ITAM tokens’ economics

We are planning to add a token burn system to support the token’s value to capture the economic benefit of the platform. By adding a couple of deflationary mechanisms, our goal is to effectively pair the token’s value with the platform’s growth.

The token burn mechanisms will be as follow:

(1) Burn ITAM tokens corresponding to a part of the NFT.Farm platform usage fee.

o NFT trading platform usage fee: X% per trade (tbc).

o Token burn frequency: Every quarter. A major portion of the fees accumulated in a quarter will be swapped to ITAM and burnt.

(2) Burn ITAM tokens corresponding to a part of the ITAM Bridge usage fee.

o ITAM Bridge usage fee: 0.03 BNB per trade

o Token burn frequency: Every quarter. A major portion of the fees accumulated in a quarter will be swapped to ITAM and burnt.

Thank you very much for all your interest and support. We hope this clarifies some of your questions you might’ve had the last few weeks. We will keep working hard towards what we want to achieve, and be more transparent in our communication.



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