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About NFT burning and refund process

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In-app purchases on Google Playstore
    → Due to the limit on the number of refunds per day, it is being processed in sequence. We have sent an inquiry to Google for a quick refund. All type of in-app purchase(ruby/character/pet packs, etc.) will be refunded in the currency paid at the time of payment(Fiat).

2) Game items purchased from the market
→ As mentioned in the previous medium article, all of them were burned. ITAM tokens corresponding to the purchase amount were refunded.

3) NFT items obtained from the INO package
→ The item has burned, but the coupon code is still valid. Users can redeem items by entering the code when the game is reopened. Please be informed that INO packages are not refunded.
(Items obtained from random boxes of INO 4 packs stays in the coupon tab. However, random probability will be applied again in the case of INO 1–3 packs.)

4) Can the game company incinerate the user’s NFT?
→ ITAM provides mobile game services using Middleware, but not all processes are performed on the blockchain. We are concerned about possible problems in the game, so we have added a incineration function on the contract. When an issue of incineration occurs, we will notify transparently. When there’re NFTs acquired and traded in the wrong way, we will make a refund along with the incineration.

We will share some more information about the game tomorrow. Thank you.




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