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Unlock of non-circulating token supply

Dear community,

As we prepare for 2022, we are announcing unlock of 1,900,000,000 ITAM tokens for future use in infrastructure and ecosystem(every last token of total supply). The total market cap and current circulation amount will NOT be affected since these tokens will not be released to the market. Instead, they will be safely stored in designated addresses. We will announce the addresses following the issuance. (Check below for exact addresses)

Whenever ITAM team finds the need to collaborate with partners and expand utility, purpose and amount of use will transparently be announced beforehand. You will be able to check the transactions as well when the addresses are officially released.

Next year, ITAM is going mainstream and we are one-by-one clearing out any possible bumps along the way. We hope this allows Coinmarketcap and other platforms to precisely track our data and lighten grey areas. With more public transparency and exact market data, ITAM will continue to adhere to community standards and expectations.

Thank you.

Check the following addresses for issued reserve tokens:

[Sale] 0xc7AD79E95196b6De9DFc66806037371C74AECF36

[Ecosystem] 0x2b9C909f9eA41d93aBc7dA0241c59f5ab0e78099

[Marketing] 0x4E78832D637B7B830fd6D1a242416A77f4349649

[Team] 0x0Ba6945B423afBBa933B097667E1e6781586b256

[Advisors] 0xEF20101fe87805dbDF0423f3E35E7698DA5710c2

Best regards,




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