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All About METAVERSE World & CUBE AMA w/ BNB Chain

👋 Hello and good day everyone! We were very happy to share what we at CUBE and METAVERSE World are preparing in yesterday’s AMA session with BNB Chain.

CUBE AMA Session with BNB Chain

We at METAVERSE World are building a blockchain platform that brings all forms of entertainment together into one space. In addition, our core value is that there should be “No boundaries across time and space, and anyone should be able to Play and Earn in a single unified space” — that’s the CUBE ecosystem we are creating.

And we don’t just have games in mind. We plan to steadily expand into all kinds of entertainment content including webtoons, broadcasts, movies, dramas, e-commerce, and more, and all of this will be going on the CUBE platform.

Without further ado, let’s get into the questions!

Q&A from the AMA Session

1. What is the problem you are trying to solve at METAVERSE World?


One of the biggest challenges that all projects are facing when building on blockchain right now is mass adoption. In other words, how to get people familiar with blockchain, crypto, and metaverse without extensive education. Fact of the matter is, the hurdle to hop on the wagon is still way too high for general users.

Onboarding and using the service should be easy enough for elementary children to learn. And for that to happen, user experience must be exceptionally straightforward.

That is why we are continuing to build with seamless UX in mind, and trying to make it as simple as possible so that non-crypto people can also enjoy all that blockchain has to offer.

And games are just the first step we at METAVERSE World are taking. With our mother company, Netmarble, being a global powerhouse when it comes to AAA-level games, we’ve got the expertise and experience to bring crypto gaming to the masses; and we don’t stop there. We are planning to bring all forms of entertainment to our CUBE platform, ranging from webtoons and web novels, to commerce and metaverse, and more.

2. Can you please expand more on your CUBE platform?

CUBE platform

Most definitely!

Connecting players and games within a sustainable economy has always been the core of our history. With Netmarble F&C’s valuable insight and technology, we bring the infrastructure to support the best of both the traditional and blockchain gaming industry with CUBE.

With CUBE, players will be able to enjoy all P2E has to offer within a single platform; it’ll change the paradigm with player-friendly features that are specifically optimized for cryptogames.

Also, with the built-in CUBE Wallet, all of the users’ fragmented assets and experiences will be connected into one, single space.

I think we can describe CUBE with three keywords: There’s the Game side, the Community side, and of course, the Blockchain side.

With the Game side, there’s a Cross-Play Game Launcher for CUBE, so that users can download and enjoy CUBE regardless of their device type, supporting both Android and iOS on mobile, and Windows PC on desktop and laptops.

Community is another essential when it comes to CUBE, and on the service, users will be able to socialize with their friends and have guilds. There will also be a feature for auto-translation, so anyone from anywhere around the world can connect and play with whomever they desire.

Other communal features such as live streaming will be available for further community activity and content creation as well.

And of course, this’ll all take place on the blockchain. A built-in wallet, NFT marketplace, DeFi, and DEX will provide seamless usability for all users.

3. It was recently announced that CUBE has joined hands with BAS. Why did you choose to build your blockchain on BAS?

CUBE’s BAS Integration

The main reason we chose to build on BAS is because we wanted to bring the same level of expertise that BNB Chain offers, while also taking advantage of the extra stability and customizability that BAS offers.

One of our top priorities in developing any kind of service is user experience. And after a very thorough technical review of BAS by NodeReal, we found a lot of potential in BAS that can really seamlessly integrate to the BNB chain while excluding unnecessary steps and fees on the user side.

Ultimately, we also wanted our own chain to have more scalability and put more focus on the product for our users.

4. Can you explain more about Golden Bros?

Of course! GOLDEN BROS is a real-time 3v3 P2E battle royale game that has been developed by Netmarble F&C for the past 2 years, serviced both on mobile and PC, and published by Netmarble.

Starting from April 28, Golden Bros is currently in Beta Early Access. Early Access can be accessed via Google Play Store and APK for Android, as well as Apple App store for iOS, and on the CUBE launcher for PC.

The game has a strong competition element to it, which we believe is one of the most sustainable ways to keep motivation high for users, while also engaging them with the game for larger rewards.

Although Golden Bros is a Free-to-Play game, the Play-to-Earn element comes into the scene with the equipping of NFT Costumes. And depending on the NFT costume, aka its costume grade, the return a user can earn will vary.

5. Can you explain about the delay of the Grand Launch of Golden Bros?

Yes, it was with a heavy heart that we had to announce that the originally planned Grand Launch of Golden Bros was postponed to the end of next month. The decision to postpone the launch was due to a few different reasons, mainly that the crypto market has been in a highly unstable state.

We are taking this extension as a chance to increase Early Access benefits and make consistent updates to the gameplay and user experience, as well as improvements to the token balance. This means that various bugs and issues that users have been facing will be mended.

Also, several contents such as “equipment,” “action parts,” and “collection cards” will be sequentially introduced, along with the addition of 10 global languages by late-July in Grand Launch.

We thank the community for their patience and understanding, and ask that you look at this extended period as time to fix what needs to be fixed, and improve what needs to be improved.

6. What is the roadmap for your project?

The exact roadmap can’t be disclosed at this point, but if you go to our webpage ( at, we have a lineup of games that will be releasing soon. We have about 10 games uploaded on the webpage, ranging from sports games to war-like games, RPG to adventure, and more. We are trying to build a variety of games, and will have more than 10 games in the next couple years.

We’ve also got other services upcoming as well, such as webtoons, web novels, commerce, and more. As I said before, I can’t disclose details at the moment, but some exciting updates and announcements are on the horizon. To give a little hint to our supporters in the BNB Chain community, “CUBE 2.0” will be announced VERY soon. That’s it, I can’t say anymore!

7. Do you have any last words for the users?

I’d just like to say that we at CUBE and METAVERSE World are very excited to share with everyone what we’re preparing, and the day we’re able to announce all CUBE 2.0 has to offer is very close. So please sit tight, and I hope everyone’s as excited to hear the updates as we are to share them!

On behalf of CUBE, METAVERSE World, and the Golden Bros team, we’d also like to thank everyone for your support, and sincerely hope everyone knows that we are doing our best to bring the top-tier service to our community.



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