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AMA session with BitKeep & BSC

Dear Community,

BitKeep and BSC have jointly held an AMA session last Friday (October 22). ITAM, as one of the leaders in GameFi built on BSC, has been invited to share our project details and future roadmap. The following is a summary from the event, which we believe you would be interested to read through.

  1. What is ITAM and its services?
  • ITAM brings games to blockchain, delivering play incentives and decentralized ownership to gamers. We provide a full package in creating a play-to-earn ecosystem, including API middleware, an open marketplace, DeFi system, and multi-chain availability across ETH, BSC, and Polygon.
  • We are not an ordinary platform provider in a sense that we build independent token economy for each game that can share and benefit from ITAM’s larger economy.

2. What is the advantage of ITAM middleware?

  • ITAM middleware can be integrated to any traditional game regardless of genre or device. This means that crypto gaming can now have unique gaming experiences on top of monetization opportunity.
  • We achieve this by NOT running every feature of a game on chain, and NOT making every single in-game asset into an NFT, which would hurt free-to-play mechanism. ITAM middleware specifically focuses on creating a sustainable tokenized environment, while the core game play can be as creative and innovative as it should be.
  • By doing so, we aspire to solidify that crypto gaming is not only fun to earn, but also fun to play.

3. Which game does ITAM currently carry?

  • ITAM has recently released LIME ODYSSEY M(LOM with ITAM), developed by Prunebomb Soft. It is a mobile idle RPG game that focuses on real-time action. While it is a classic Free-to-Play RPG, LOM has a compact and creative Play-to-Earn ecosystem.
  • Players can harvest and trade NFTs, while enjoying DeFi with 2 different types of token: LOM in-game token & ITAM governance token. Any user is free to download from Google Play Store and play, but investors from INO presale gets a head start in earning greater rewards when PvP content releases soon.

4. Which updates on LOM should we look forward to?

  • LOM was designed to integrate P2E system according to core game play. Therefore, updates on game content means updates on reward system.
  • On our next update, we will be adding abundant playing reward and competitive content, which will challenge players to grow stronger and climb the leaderboard. We will also be opening in-game shop that requires ITAM token to purchase and Gold NFT that can be traded at marketplace or consumed to level up character.

5. What are the current statistics on LOM after 2 weeks of launch?

  • LOM has already made some notable achievements even with limited P2E incentive currently. It has a total of 29,238 accounts connected to NFT.Farm, which has been №1 in BSC marketplace at DappRadar for a whole week. The highest selling NFT item is worth $3,000 and the game itself received 4.7/5 at Google Play Store with over 1200 reviews.
  • We are excited to see the user base grow as we add more P2E functionality to the game.

6. What is ITAM’s mission and vision?

  • ITAM’s mission is to create a blockchain game platform where every player can enjoy P2E ecosystem without losing fun on the actual playing experience. Our technology is designed to be scalable in a sense that we can connect to any game genre, any device, and any user.
  • As we always tell our community, gaming experience must be as important as earning for crypto gaming to be sustainable and adopted by the mass.

7. How do you view GameFi future with BitKeep wallet?

  • BitKeep is a DeFi-oriented digital wallet, which gives an edge to investors who are looking for more than token trading. As DeFi is expanding to many business verticals, especially gaming, we believe a close partnership can empower both crypto gamers and investors with a seamless user experience.

Thank you.



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