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Apology and notice for direction of LimeOdysseyM

Lime Odyssey M is the first RPG game using ITAM Middleware, which signed a blockchain game release agreement with Tomcat. We launched the service on September 6th for Android first.

However, it couldn’t meet users’ requirements due to unexpected bugs. And we observed that some users’ data was lost due to security issues in the game server. Also, as many users have pointed out, there is a problem with the game economy, and we have decided that some are not suitable for the P2E model.

After discussion with Tomcat, ITAM team decided to revise the LOM direction as follows.
- Fixed common errors in the game, such as social account login, error in some functions, and abnormal currency display
- Overall P2E economy modifications, such as increasing the value of NFT
- Fixed security issues such as abnormal account access and abnormal in-game asset acquisitions

User data is valuable and we do respect that, but some malicious users have identified. Therefore, we will reset the entire game data. In this process, users who paid in-game will receive a full refund. In addition, we will rebalance NFT and promise that INO coupons are reusable.

The ITAM team feels responsible for failing to manage the partner company. We will do our best not to disappoint users who love ITAM and LOM by actively consulting the Tomcat on security issues and game economy. ITAM team will keep trying to repay users’ trust and support.

More detailed revisions about LOM will be shared next week.
Thank you.




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