As We Wait for a Killer DAPP to be Born

The need for a killer DAPP that’ll represent blockchain


Various DAPPS, the blockchain-version of the commonly used apps on smartphones, are being developed based on Ethereum and EOS operating systems. However, we have yet to see a DAPP that’s familiar to the general public.

Appearances of Various DAPPs

With the launch of Ethereum, the blockchain operating system that made applications possible, we’ve seen a variety of DAPPs come out. Recently, faster transactions were made possible with the launch of the EOS Mainnet, commonly known as the 3rd generation blockchain, and the number of DAPPS have increased significantly more. Various DAPPs such as Everipedia, EOSKnights, Betdice offer a service that’s similar to what the general public is used to, and this has gained the interest of many EOS holders.

The Need of a Killer DAPP

Because gambling and gaming are two of the most suitable fields that blockchain can be incorporated in, DAPPS in these two categories have acquired many active users (in EOS standards). However, none can be considered as a ‘Killer DAPP.’ Of course, there is the protocol constriction in that there isn’t a blockchain platform capable of handling large-scale services yet, and the hurdle of EOS account creation as well. But in order for blockchain to be understood and be naturally used by the general public, the killer DAPP must not be similar to existing services, but meet and exceed the current services. Like how the iPhone was born in 2007 and embedded the “smartphone” into the minds of the general public, the blockchain industry needs a killer DAPP that can engrave the concept of “blockchain” into the minds of the people.

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