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Blockchain Network Developer, Sim Jae Hyun CTO

We met with CTO Jae Hyun Sim, the man behind the development of a blockchain gaming platform at ‘ITAM Games,’ the man trekking the unknown to discover a new frontier.

Q00. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jae Hyun Sim, and I am a blockchain and network developer at ITAM Network. I previously worked on payment systems, SI, and firmware.

Q01. What kind of work do you do at ITAM Network?

I am designing and developing architecture for blockchain related and gaming service related tools.

Q02. Was there a reason you joined ITAM Network?

While working on the SI project, I had the opportunity to communicate frequently with our CEO Gil Asung. During this time, we talked a lot about the issues related to blockchain and this gradually began to build into a business idea, and we started to build our team.

Q03. What are some hardships you face as a developer?

I personally believe blockchain isn’t difficult, but rather unfamiliar. Its development paradigm, methodology, and new infrastructure on top is new and unfamiliar, and that’s why it can be seen as difficult. Especially because there are no ‘best practices’ of this industry yet for developers, it further intensifies its feeling of hardship. There are no references for correct answers, and no determined standard in this continually-changing blockchain ecosystem, placing developers in an environment drastically different from before.

CTO, Sim Jae Hyun

Q04. We are also curious as to why ITAM Network chose EOS as its base.

While exploring our business idea in the early stages, we contemplated as to why there were no real results with Ethereum-based platforms, even though there were many attempts. We thought long and hard about the limitations of the Ethereum platform, and while identifying the limits of contracts and service, we came to the conclusion that EOS could provide visible and practical service, and ultimately chose EOS.

Q05. What kind of change can we expect once blockchain technology is incorporated into games?

I believe the biggest change would be with item transactions. In my opinion, ITAM was born with the idea of connecting in-game goods with real life value. People naturally think of items and gold first when thinking of incorporating blockchain into games, and therefore this is an idea anybody could’ve thought up of. However, we aren’t interfering with the in-game economy, and while maintaining the game’s completeness, we are working not only on the game elements for the blockchain, but on creating games that will create value for consumers in real life.

Q06. What is a special advantage only ITAM Network possesses?

Because ITAM has its own game studio, there is a strong possibility of a best practice resulting at the intersection of blockchain and gaming, and I believe this is ITAM’s strongest advantage. If an in-game economy can come out with this quality, competitiveness can be built by simply moving it onto the blockchain system. In addition, although ITAM’s project size isn’t extremely large, I believe the synergy formed between the gaming team and blockchain team can produce DAPPs of very high-quality.

Q07. What is your goal with ‘ITAM Games?’

My goal is to buy a building (lol). One of our team motto is that developers should work and live as how a developer should. This means you determine and work on the things you want to develop. I once came across a saying that the role of a manager is not to allocate people according to the work, but allocate the right work according to the person. As of now, my goal is to create and work in an organization like this.

Q08. Lastly, please leave a word for the many people interested in the blockchain industry.

Even though I myself work with blockchain, you can’t deny the fact there is a negative attitude towards the blockchain market in Korea. It saddens me that investors, at many times, don’t know the places they really need to invest, and investments seem to drift to certain companies as if it’s a popularity contest. Yes, this will probably get better as time passes, but if this doesn’t change fast, it may cause difficulties for both investors and blockchain companies. Therefore, I believe a sufficient understanding and study of blockchain is crucial for both ends.

ITAM Games is a blockchain platform for a transparent gaming ecosystem

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