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BrosToon NFT Pool will open on Friday

Exclusive NFT comics will be available for staking reward


We are happy to announce the very first collective effort between Golden Bros and ITAM CUBE for an exclusive chance to claim “BrosToon”, a web comic series for each Bros in the game.

Before we dive in about the event pool, lets first get on the same page about the relationship between Golden Bros and ITAM CUBE.

$ITAMCUBE is the ☂️PARENT token of Golden Bros Token (GBC)

👉 Bridge

👉 Governance

👉 Marketplace

👉 Staking

Token Flow Chart
  1. Bridge GBC to the public via $ITAMCUBE

When you earn GBC from Golden Bros, it needs to be swapped to ITAM CUBE to be withdrawn to the public. This is to protect GBC from being misused and manipulated from external forces. Under ITAM CUBE, GBC will be used within game to sustain P2E experience and support your achievements.

$ITAMCUBE will serve as a bridge token between the game and public exchanges.

2. Governance for Golden Bros by $ITAMCUBE holders

For all decision makings about Golden Bros, users will need $ITAMCUBE to take part in the governance. All holders of $ITAMCUBE will earn the right to participate in votings for future platform updates, game roadmaps, and new flash pools.

$ITAMCUBE will serve as your ticket to governance participation.

3. Trade at NFT Marketplace with $ITAMCUBE

When Golden Bros NFTs begin to trade at our Marketplace, $ITAMCUBE is the currency that users will use to engage in P2P trading. $ITAMCUBE will be your medium to sell and purchase NFTs among users without having to directly earn GBC from the game.

NFT Marketplace will open on March 24:

$ITAMCUBE will serve as your currency in hand to participate in secondary trading at NFT marketplace.

4. Participate in Staking pools with $ITAMCUBE

Coming back to where we started this article off, $ITAMCUBE can be staked in pools to earn tokens or NFTs. You will be able to earn Exclusive NFTs that are not for sale from staking in these pools using your $ITAMCUBE. This will come in synergy with Golden Bros game play to accentuate the P2E experience, while creating a richer environment for the community.

So, what is this new pool about?

Stake $ITAMCUBE, Earn BrosToon NFT for Gregory

The pool will open on February 25, 11:59 AM UTC

Every Bros has its own history🔥

This history is made into comics to help you learn more about the past of these Bros. The first comic series is “Episode of Gregory”, the Mafia boss from London.

There are a total of 9 Pages to the episode, and we will open a flash pool for the 1st page out of the 9. The page is blacked out for now, but you will see the whole page when you claim it from the pool.

And yes, this NFT will never be sold. The only method BrosToon can be earned is through pools.

Blacked out Page 1/9 of “Episode of Gregory”

How to Participate?

  • The flash pool will have 20,000 SLOTS
  • You can stake 100 to 200 $ITAMCUBE
  • Depending on the amount of staked $ITAMCUBE, you will have to keep them in the pool for 20 days MAXIMUM
  • You will be able to claim Page 1/9 of “Episode of Gregory” after you have fulfilled the staking timeline

The unique history of the Bros is at the center of Golden Bros world. Every bros has joined the battle for their own reasons. This is your chance to own the first page of the first episode of an extensive collection of BrosToon.

We will release more information about the pool before the pool launch!

Good Luck and Happy Bros!

Thank you,




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