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Journey Begins,

This may be a follow-up to our previous posting “Intro to ITAM’s Play-to-Earn Model”. So for a better understanding of ITAM, reading the previous posting is recommended. As a wise man once said, “DYOR”.

Within the month of August, our first Middleware integrated NFT items game, Lime Odyssey M will be launched. Thank you for all your support and great interest in the game. This will be the start of ITAM’s NFT game.

Even before the launch, with the increase in the ITAM’s community members, a lot of the community’s requests and ideas have been implemented in the game. Not to mention the token economy, the LimeM. As a service-providing company, a positive users’ experience is everything we aim for, and this will always be the ITAM’s road ahead.

Amongst many technologies we developed in the blockchain, it is the Middleware technology we’d like to emphasize.

Some of you may already know, some who have read our postings, our middleware enables digital assets to turn into NFT, and by doing so, they are being authenticated. This will enable game developers to integrate their games with our platform, NFT.Farm. Their games will turn into NFT games with much less effort by utilizing our middleware technology.

Other than Lime Odyssey M, our team is actively seeking the next launch, and we are having a lot of discussions about sourcing the right game for our holders. We’ve done a lot of research on the NFT games market. We want to provide the right fit for Play-to-Earn.

In effect, NFT.Farm will be the DeFi platform + marketplace in between the game and the game players. It will provide more utilities going forward and we expect to start developing for updating the farm in the coming quarter. Our plan is to enable NFT.Farm beyond expectation; for INOs, Yield Farming, Exchanges, P2P trades, and much more.

Well, this is only the beginning, so please stay with us,



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