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CUBE Market, the One-Stop NFT marketplace!

Good day everyone! We return bearing more good news 😎 CUBE Market, the go-to place for P2P NFT trading, is NOW OPEN!

Those who purchased Golden Bros NFT Costumes may be familiar with how troublesome it was to move the NFT from Binance to CUBE. Now, you are able to transfer without having to go through 3rd-party platforms like Binance NFT or OpenSea β€” The only thing you need in order to collect/trade/move your digital assets is CUBE! πŸ”₯

What is CUBE Market?

CUBE Market is the one-stop place where all digital assets that are available on CUBE will be listed for trade.

On CUBE Market, you will now be able to:

  • Browse and buy NFTs
  • List your NFT for sale
  • Collect your favorite NFTs

The digital assets you buy from CUBE Market will directly go into your CUBE Wallet. This means that owning and enjoying NFTs and digital assets, as well as the CUBE ecosystem, has become much more user-friendly, even for people that are unfamiliar with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

To give an example, if you are a player who wants to enjoy Golden Bros with Play-to-Earn elements, the process would flow like this:

  1. Connect your wallet to the game
  2. Buy Golden Bros NFT Costume
  3. Send it to the game
  4. Equip the costume in the game
  5. Play and earn!

We at CUBE are always giving our best to provide a seamless experience to our CUBE users. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates! 😊



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