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CUBE’s August Achievement Summary

Let us start this post by saying thank you to all supporters of CUBE 🤗

Time has gone really fast that we are already entering 3rd quarter of 2022.
This month, our actions were more to expanding our network within the blockchain game industry.

Let’s have a look at what we have done this month👇

🤝 METAVERSE World Becomes a Member of BGA 🤝

Nothing is more important than having a great network among all the services within the blockchain industry, and interoperability to grow the blockchain industry. This is why METAVERSE WORLD joined the Blockchain Game Alliance(BGA) — to raise individual and industrial awareness of the blockchain gaming industry. Collaboration with notable partners in the industry, as well as sharing knowledge and insights from the successful cases of similar projects will serve as a valuable stepping stone for METAVERSE WORLD.

METAVERSE WORLD joined BGA under a Gold Membership, and we will contribute to the valuable network and help form industry standards with our fellow members.

▶ Find out more about METAVERSE World Becomes a Member of BGA

🎹 METAVERSE World sponsors the ‘Micro Seoul 2022 NFT Event’ 🎉

METAVERSE World sponsored ‘Micro Seoul 2022 NFT Sound & Beer Festa’ at Seoul Land Picnic Park located in Seoul, South Korea. The festival will be on for 2 days from 27th August to 28th August. There were a number of NFT arts exhibitions, EDM music party, and all the other stage performances waiting for visitors. Globally well-known DJs and Korean Hip-hop artists came to spice things up. Also virtual DJ ‘Rina’ created by METAVERSE Entertainment which is a subsidiary of METAVERSE World gained a lot of attention for her potential shown during the festival 🎉

METAVERSE World plans to sponsor various upcoming festivals with blockchain technology to get in touch with crypto users as well as non-crypto users.

▶ Find out more about ‘Micro Seoul 2022 NFT Event’

📢 NEW CUBE Pool 📢

The new LP Pool had been opened in order to maintain a long-term healthy ecosystem and to build a more stable and win-win solution instead of closing the initially opened LP Pool. The new LP pool not only protects the value of GBC, but it is also the beginning of revitalizing the economy of the GBC ecosystem.

In addition, in order to reward users who add liquidity to the cube ecosystem with more abundant benefits, we have opened a new pair pool where you can acquire BUSD as a reward for CUBE-GBC pairs for 45 days. We are working hard to come up with ways to provide additional benefits to Cubers as well as Golden Bros players, in the future.

▶ Find out more about NEW CUBE Pool

🟪 CUBE Update (Wallet, Login, GNB, UI)

CUBE PC Launcher and website had been updated to improve user accessibility and UI. CUBE wallet on web is added so that Cubers may check their assets and tokens on CUBE website. UI in mobile environment had also been updated so that you can use CUBE Store and banking services with a single tap and the category menu had been updated for easier navigation of the website.

In addition, by supplementing the existing chat function, voice chat and UI have been improved so that users can experience the convenience in use.

▶ Find out more about CUBE Update (Wallet, Login, GNB, UI)

As a representative platform taking the lead in building a blockchain entertainment ecosystem, we believe this could never come this far without the support of Cubers. So we will reward Cubers through various new attempts until the day when our actions become the industry standard. We ask for your support for the world that METAVERSE World will bring.

We will be back with more good news. Thank you! 🤗



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