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CUBE’s July Achievement Summary

Hello Cubers! 😀

Our July was filled with many surprises both for the users and us. Golden Bros grand opening to the global population, new Bank features such as Single/Pair pool staking to reward our early investors, DEX trading system, the very first AIRDROP event for Golden Bros Early Access users, and a few meaningful technical updates.

Let’s dive right into this month’s highlights 😎

Golden Bros Grand Launch

Golden Bros is now officially open for global service! Golden Bros is playable globally except South Korea, China, Vietnam. Major updates have been made to further solidify Golden Bros’ ecosystem and to secure investors’ assets by improving the mining system, adding collection benefits and others. Please check Golden Bros’ Patch Note for more detail.

We hope the results we have delivered based on 3 months of Early Access data will expand user benefits and pave the way for a sustainable P2E economy.

▶ Find out more about Golden Bros Launch

GBC <> CUBE Pair Pools Open 🥳

GBC <> CUBE Pair Pool staking is now ongoing. (GBC is the main utility token for Golden Bros) You can receive upto 200,000 GBC tokens for a month by providing liquidity and staking the LP tokens you will receive in return. This is the very first Liquidity Pool that will help us further connect CUBE to all the other game tokens to be issued within the CUBE ecosystem. More LP pools are expected to open as more games begin service on CUBE platform!

▶ Find out more on GBC<>CUBE Pair Pools OPEN

📢 The 1st CUBE token AIRDROP Event

CUBE had never held a token airdrop event so far. However we have gained so much support for Golden Bros and lots of players have given sincere feedback out of the love of the game Golden Bros. So we decided to open an AIRDROP event exclusively for Golden Bros Early Access participants to express our gratitude.

▶ Find out more on The 1st CUBE AIRDROP

🧐 CUBE Web accessibility improvements

All the features that were only available on PC launcher and CUBE App are now available on CUBE Web: logging in with a social account, setting restore email, creating Wallet, trading NFTs.

Bank feature improvement

‘Trade’ feature enables users to trade CUBE to GBC and vice versa.‘Invest’ feature allows users to add liquidity to the CUBE ecosystem where CUBE and GBC are grouped together to provide liquidity and gain LP token in return. Also users may gain interest(CUBE) with Pair Pool service which is to deposit CUBE-GBC LP Token and gain CUBE in return.

UI Updates

Bridge and some of the features on CUBE Launcher have been updated for easier usability. Improved chat system and wallet process speed are also notable updates. We are working on upgrading CUBE to be more accessible and easier to use for the mass.

▶ Find out more on CUBE Patch notes

🤝 MSF Forum First meeting

Last June, we announced that Metaverse World joined the Metaverse Standards Forum. First meeting with the members of MSF held in July and shared great insights and perspectives on interoperability of the metaverse ecosystem. The main agenda are noted below:

1.Gather interoperability Topics from all members

2.Organize Topics into Domains

3.Create Domain Working Groups

4.Create Project Subgroups

5.Publish Project Work Products

All members were incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about bringing the metaverse into real life. We will come together, study together, work together to bring forth our vision to reality.

▶ Find out more on MSF Forum first meeting

📅 CUBE Staking Pool

CUBE Staking, where you can earn a maximum of 240,000 CUBE over 12 rounds, is now halfway through. The 6th Round is coming up soon.

All of the past 5 rounds have quickly closed, and we are more than happy to provide the remaining rounds for our token holders who have missed the previous ones.

▶ Find out more on CUBE Staking Pool

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the Golden Bros Early Access and waited for the grand launch. In the future, the CUBE Team of METAVERSE World will continue to take the lead in creating a better ecosystem for users based on the development of blockchain technology. And yes, more content to be revealed very soon as well.

Thank you 👋



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