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CUBE’s June Achievement Summary

Entire crypto scene was on a wild roller coaster once again in June. So many ups and downs, mostly downs gave us chills but not enough to hold us back! Let’s take a look at some of the major steps we took during June.

CUBE Staking

We opened Staking in order to give rewards to our holders and at the same time we utilize the staked token to maintain our ecosystem. This is still an ongoing event till September 10 2022 . Total 12 rounds and each round opens every Thursday 07:00 UTC.

▶ Find out more on CUBE Staking

CUBE 2.0 & New Partners

CUBE whitepaper was updated to share the blueprint on the CUBE’s future. All the entertainment contents that will be published on CUBE(PC & App), e-commerce with NFTs as well as Defi within the CUBE ecosystem.

▶ Find out more on CUBE Whitepaper updates Listing

On 14th June, CUBE token was listed on — global top 10 crypto exchange founded in 2013. opened a door which leads to millions of new users from more than 130 countries. So far we are listed on 4 crypto exchanges: MEXC, KuCoin, Coinone and

▶ Find out more on CUBE listed on

BAS Integration Announcement

We joined BNB Application’s new Sidechain Framework(BAS) as a partner. This will enable us to make a better ecosystem for those who enjoy our GameFi, Defi, and NFTs and so on.

What’s more is that we will be partnering up with the infrastructure providers of BAS like Anke, Celer, Mathwallet, NodeReal and Pyth Network to actively reduce the gap between Web 2 and Web 3 and to drive the interoperability of blockchain.

▶ Find out more on CUBE BAS Integration

CUBE x Binance Connect integration

We are bringing Binance Connect to CUBE. Every user of CUBE will enjoy the benefits. Every seller will be able to receive payments in a quick and hassle-free manner, while every buyer will be paying less gas fees. With a simple improvement in payment services, users will be able to enjoy CUBE contents in a more seamless way.

▶ Find out more on CUBE Binance Connect Integration

Wallet Connect and Support for ETH network

ETH network is now usable within our BSC network based wallet. Thus CUBE(ETH) from Coinone can now be transferred to CUBE wallet and ETH Wallet Connect is available.

▶ Find out more on Ethereum network and Wallet Connect

No matter what the current market seems to be, we will go forward. So don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on CUBE!

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