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DarkTown PC Emulator Guide

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games


So you’ve heard about the beta release of DarkTown, the blockchain RPG with ITAM NFTs available on the ITAM Store, and want to play, but don’t have an Android device? Fear no more! You can play DarkTown on your computer by utilizing an emulator, such as BlueStack. However, there are definite inconveniences when it comes to playing on a desktop/laptop vs a handheld mobile device. Therefore, we have composed a guide to customizing controls so that gameplay will be suited to your needs.

Getting Started

First off, you’ll need to install the emulator needed to play DarkTown on your computer. We’ve been suggesting the emulator ‘BlueStack,’ and you can view the guide to install the emulator as well as ITAM Store here →

Once you have BlueStack and ITAM Store installed on your computer, you will need to download the game itself. Follow this simple guide in downloading and installing DarkTown →

**Please note!! For the Beta Test version of DarkTown, the download will be available in the “TEST ZONE” of the ITAM Store menu, not the Games tab!

Be sure to Charge ITT (ITAM Test Tokens) before running the game! :)

Now that you have DarkTown up and running on your computer, you can enjoy the game!

However, as you continue playing, you’ll soon realize how uncomfortable the controls are on PC. By default, you have to press the buttons by pointing and clicking your mouse. This can get really frustrating as you progress further into the game.

Therefore, we have prepared a guide for setting an easier way of controls!

Setting Controls

  1. With the default settings, you need to use your mouse to control (i.e. click left arrow and right arrow to move)

2. To make the controls easier, press the keyboard icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

3. Next, press the ‘Tap spot’ With Tap spot, you can designate keys on your keyboard to serve as the buttons on the game.

4. Tap the Left Arrow button on DarkTown with your mouse, and press Left on your Keyboard (or any other key you would like to use)

5. Do the same thing for the Right Arrow.

6. Repeat for all the buttons on DarkTown you wish to assign keys.

7. Finally, press Save.

8. Now you can enjoy playing DarkTown with your keyboard, and don’t have to use your mouse to press the buttons!


You can now enjoy DarkTown on your computer with easy-to-use controls! All you have to do now is play the game, level up, collect items, and take over the numerous dungeons!! The fate of DarkTown is up to you!

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