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Even better lineup, coming soon

Dear Community,


Thank you for waiting for our game lineups for next year. This is a bit of a late notice, but we will not be releasing the lineup JUST YET.

Some of our partnered game studios are in their final testing phase of game development, and wish to postpone for a week or two. We want to prioritize their comfort with being released to the public since they are not any ordinary game studio, but are top tier in the gaming industry. As we greet the new year, we will be launching at least one game every month.

We have a few more games being added to the list as well even at this moment, so our team has decided it would be best to release them all together at the same time. We are being extremely selective in terms of what games we decide to service based on each studio’s competence, dedication, and sustainability. Also, we are specifically designing the lineup so that each game is unique and has distinct game play.

While this delay may frustrate some users, we promise that it is all in our best effort to deliver extraordinary gaming and earning experience. We are more delighted than ever to share our excitement and we want to do so in the right way. Again, we appreciate every community member who are supportive of our values. Please keep a close eye on our next announcement!

Merry Christmas and happy new ITAM 🎄

Thank you

ITAM team




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