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3 min readOct 28, 2022

Hello everyone. This is the ‘Fancy’est blockchain platform, FNCY.

We are going to introduce one of the most representative entertainments in the FNCY ecosystem, ‘Game’

Even in this bear market rally, the blockchain gaming ecosystem is still growing. Especially the blockchain games released in the metaverse are making the global gamers super excited.

As metaverse and GameFi rise up again, the number of global blockchain platforms is increasing as well, but still no sign of any platform as compatible with Web3 service as FNCY.

FNCY has the best technology and skills to make the various entertainments with the BNB Side Chain Solution. Also FNCY has become a mothership carrying all sorts of AAA games and entertainments with the powerful IP owned by its parent company, Netmarble F&C.

“FNCY will be the standard of Web3 entertainment platform and will measure every single content by quality, not quantity.” Let these words echo to every corner of the world.

Let’s get into the first quality-assured content that FNCY about to show, Meta Football.

About Meta Football

Meta Football has been transformed into something new and something big from ‘Extreme Football’ developed by 9M Interactive which has become one of the subsidiaries of Netmarble F&C. Its play style is that a single player controls the entire team where it used to be that each player controls a single character.

We will use our experience with the Unreal Engines when developing Extreme Football(over 4,000,000 downloads) and make Meta football’s graphics and motion more realistic and more lively.

With its street football style, doing all kinds of stylish moves is possible with a simple control.

Its stylish actions will let even a non-sports gamer turn into fans by offering the stunning visuals and the thrill at hand.

Also the collection of unique characters and customizing and improving your team give you more fun!

<Go To Meta Football>

Seamless Exchange of Values

The on-boarded game’s powerful IP will be more attractive with the FNCY chain.
Because, as a hub of all entertainment including games, the FNCY mainnet plays various roles.
As having our own chain, there will be no borderline when exchanging valuable assets within an ecosystem.
In other words, you can enjoy all forms of entertaInment in our ecosystem with the FNCY coin.

Earning and consumption of values in the ecosystem.

This virtuous cycle is what the FNCY mainnet values the most.
The time has come at our doorstep that we will soon be greeting you from a new home.

The team of FNCY strives for successful launch of the mainnet.
FNCY’s new official community channels will open soon!

Thank you :D

Scam alert

The number of fake FNCY social media is rising at the moment. Please be aware that all the FNCY channels you can find right now are not official channels. We will be announcing FNCY’s official channels soon.
Our official channels(CUBE) are as follow:

👉 CUBE Telegram: https://t.me/itam_en
👉 CUBE Twitter: https://twitter.com/itamcube
👉 CUBE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itamcube
👉 CUBE Youtube: https://bit.ly/3Ezqzao
👉 CUBE Medium: https://medium.com/itam