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FIN — Friday’s ITAM News | August, Week #1

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games

Hello everyone and welcome to the first ITAM FIN (Friday’s ITAM News) of August! As the name suggests, in celebration of the end of the week (hence, FIN) , we will be going over the news and updates regarding ITAM Games that were released the past week. What went on at ITAM Games this week?? Let’s find out!! :)

1. DarkTown — First Come, First Served Coupon Event Coming Soon!!

Come one, come all!! DarkTown Coupons are coming!! An event where coupons can be redeemed for Soul Stones is coming soon!! Check below for details :)

👉 Event Details In the Game Settings of DarkTown, a Coupon icon will appear. Enter ONE of the following 20 coupon codes to receive 300 soul stones! *Cannot claim more than 1 coupon
👉 How to Participate Open DarkTown → Go to Game Settings (top right-hand corner) → Coupon → Register Coupon → Receive rewards
👉 Event Rewards There are a total of 20 coupon codes, and each coupon will be worth 300 Soul Stones. Remember, one 1 coupon can be registered per user!!
👉 Duration ~ until all coupons are redeemed
👉 Rewards Distribution Soul Stones will be automatically distributed to the game ID.

*Further details will be released soon

2. DarkTown — Daily Item Rewards are Coming!!

Starting next Monday (Aug.5), ITAM Games will be giving out free items on DarkTown EVERY weekday!! From Gifted Soul Stones to Gifted Gold Keys, receive free items and enhance gameplay!!

Every weekday (Mon~Fri) at 09:00 UTC, every users on DarkTown will receive items in their mail. Each day will have different items!!

Item Gift Info:
- Mon: Gifted Gold Keys (x25)
- Tue: Gifted Soul Stones(x100)
- Wed: Gifted Gold Keys (x25)
- Thur: Gifted Soul Stones (x100)
- Fri: Gifted Gold Keys (x25)

3. ITAM Passes CertiK’s Verification Process w/ 98 out of 100!

We announced that an audit was conducted by CertiK to discover any issues and/or vulnerabilities that may be in the source code of ITAM Token’s Smart Contracts. And the results show that the ITAM Token contract passed CertiK’s rigorous formal verification process with a remarkably high score of 98 out of 100 score!!

CertiK also featured ITAM Games on their Medium post, which you can also read below!

Read More 👉

CertiK’s Medium Post 👉

4. ITAM ICO Complete

The ICO of ITAM Games’ ITAM Token was successfully completed on Monday, following the early completion of the 2nd round of the ICO! We at ITAM Games would once again like to thank all participants :)

5. Monthly Referral Ranking Event Winners

Also, the winners of the Monthly Referral Ranking Event have been announced. The Monthly Referral Ranking Event is an event being held by ITAM Games to spread word-of-mouth around ITAM Games, and in return gives the top ranked users rewards in ITAM Tokens.

The winners of the duration June 24th ~ July 23rd 2019 are as below:

Rank #1 — sephiroth Rank #2 — cryptoloo Rank #3 — eontalkmovie Rank #4 — soaryong Rank #5 — klaus1234 Rank #6 — bolo Rank #7 — blacksik Rank #8 — sniksnik1234 Rank #9–1pepe1oq1 Rank #10 — baladadewa11

*The winners’ list was compiled after a screening of users who abused the system.

The Monthly Referral Ranking event is an ongoing event that rewards the top-ranked users every month, so do not be discouraged if you were not amongst the Top 10 this time! You can be one of the winners of next week’s ranking!

Event Details 👉

6. [Throwback] Blockchain Enables Legitimate Profit Through Gaming

We also shared a ‘Throwback Content’ from last year when we posted the article titled “Blockchain Enables Legitimate Profit Through Gaming.” This post takes a look at how blockchain can shift the gaming paradigm and offer new forms of profit for gamers! A lot has changed over the year since this was first posted, but the general idea of “Play-to-Earn” still remains strong as ever!


7. ITAM Games & DarkTown Subreddits

Also, if you have not already, be sure to follow us on our subreddits for the latest news, and to communicate with the community! :)

ITAM Games Subreddit 👉 DarkTown Subreddit 👉


That concludes this week’s FIN :) Thank you all for your love and support the past week, and please look forward to what we have in stores for next week!

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