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Aug 9 · 4 min read

Happy Friday everyone!! Good to see you back on another ITAM FIN (Friday’s ITAM News)! As the name suggests, in celebration of the end of the week (hence, FIN) , we will be going over the news and updates regarding ITAM Games that were released the past week. What went on at ITAM Games this week?? Let’s find out!! :)

1. DarkTown New User Event!!

We announced a new event this week that’ll excite your soul!! We are gifting Soul Stones and Golden Keys to new users of DarkTown!! Spread the word to your friends, and enjoy a fun and exciting gameplay :)

[Event Duration]
August 8th ~ September 9th (05:00 UTC)

[Event Rewards]
Gifted Soul Stones: 500 Gifted Golden Keys:100

[Reward Distribution]
Directly sent to the DarkTown mailbox when registering anew.

Download and Play Now 👉 https://darktown.itam.store/

2. ITAM Store Discord Now Open!!

We at ITAM Games were also happy to announce that we’ve finally opened the ITAM Store Discord Channel!! We’ve received suggestions that Discord would be a better alternative to Telegram, as we can manage all the different games that are available on (and soon coming to) the ITAM Store. Thus, the ITAM Store was born! :) Please join us on Discord, and enjoy free communication with the ITAM Team as well as the gaming community!

Join Now 👉 https://discord.gg/dRCdgYK

3. DarkTown Telegram Group Now Open!!

Alongside our new Discord channel, we also opened a new Telegram group dedicated solely for DarkTown! If you enjoy playing DarkTown and want to communicate with fellow DarkTown warriors, please join the new Telegram group and share with everyone your strategies!!

Join Now 👉 https://t.me/DarkTownITAM

4. This Week’s Daily Item Rewards on DarkTown!!

This week, ITAM Games gave out free items on DarkTown everyday. Below are what we gave out this week, so if you haven’t logged into DarkTown this week, be sure to do so and check your mailbox!!

[Item Gift Info]
- Mon: Gifted Gold Keys (x25)
- Tue: Gifted Soul Stones(x100)
- Wed: Gifted Gold Keys (x25)
- Thur: Gifted Soul Stones (x100)
- Fri: Gifted Gold Keys (x25)

5. Next Week’s Daily Item Rewards on DarkTown!!

With lots of positive feedback from our users, we decided to continue this event onto next week, with the following items :)

[Item Gift Info]
- Mon: +15 Exp. Booster (x10)
- Tue: Gifted Auto Recovery Potion (x10)
- Wed: +15 Exp. Booster (x10)
- Thur: Gifted Auto Recovery Potion (x10)
- Fri: +15 Exp. Booster (x10)

6. ITAM & DarkTown Page Share Event — Duration Extended

Also, we announced that the ITAM & DarkTown Page Share Event, which gives participants a chance to win a “limited edition skin” on DarkTown, has been extended until September 5th! Simply by sharing the ITAM&DarkTown page on your socials, you can join the event and earn yourself a chance to win a “limited edition skin!”

▶️ 3 Facts about the Limited Edition Skin!
1. A limited edition skin that becomes by asset! 💰
2. Trade freely with other users 👨‍👦‍👦
3. Stylize your character with a limited edition skin! 💫

Read More 👉 http://bit.ly/DTsnsEvent

7. ITAM Games & DarkTown Subreddits

Also, if you have not already, be sure to follow us on our subreddits for the latest news, and to communicate with the community! :)

ITAM Games Subreddit 👉 https://www.reddit.com/r/ITAMGames DarkTown Subreddit 👉 https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkTown


That concludes this week’s FIN :) Thank you all for your love and support the past week, and please look forward to what we have in stores for next week!

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ITAM Games

ITAM is the world’s leading blockchain mobile gaming platform built on top of the EOS.IO protocol.

ITAM Games

Written by

ITAM is the world’s leading blockchain mobile gaming platform built on top of the EOS.IO protocol.

ITAM Games

ITAM is the world’s leading blockchain mobile gaming platform built on top of the EOS.IO protocol.

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