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FIN — Friday’s ITAM News | July, Week #4

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games

Welcome to this week’s episode of ITAM FIN (Friday’s ITAM News)! As the name suggests, in celebration of the end of the week (hence, FIN) , we will be going over the news and updates regarding ITAM Games that were released the past week. What were the big news of this week?? Let’s find out!! :)

1. ITAM ICO Round 2

The 1st round of the ITAM ICO took place last Monday, and was completed in just 9 minutes of its opening! We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the community members that participated, as your support is what led to the successful results. That being said, we are happy to announce that the details of the 2nd round of the ICO are as follows.

Starting Time:
UTC Standard (29th of July UTC 05:00 ~ 30th of July UTC 14:59)
- KST Standard (29the of July KST 14:00 ~ 30th of July KST 23:59)

- 20,000,000 ITAM (bonus 0%)

Sales Method:
FIFO (First In First Out, Exceeding amount will be refunded)

Max and Min Contribution:
Will be calculated based on UTC 00:00, July 29th Coinmarketcap market price and announced on the morning of the sale.

Contribution Page:
ITAM Games website ( ICO menu

2. ITAM ICO Participation Guide

Interested in participating in the 2nd round of the ITAM ICO?? Here’s a guide to help you prepare for the opening of the ICO of the ITAM Token!!


3. DarkTown — What on Earth are NFTs?

There were a lot of questions regarding NFTs on DarkTown by the community members. Thus, we’ve prepared a content solely dedicated towards ITAM NFTs on DarkTown. The below content goes over the different categories of NFTs, how to acquire NFTs, and how to sell/buy NFTs.


4. EOSTOCK, Chrome Extension Wallet, Update Guide

EOSTOCK, the Chrome Extension EOS wallet developed by ITAM Games, was down from the Google Chrome Web Store temporarily, but it is now back up and available! However, you must manually reinstall the extension and update it if you already have had the previous version. This guide is to help you update EOSTOCK!

EOSTOCK Update Guide 👉

5. ITAM Games Featured on Cointelegraph!

ITAM Games was featured on an article published by Cointelegraph, a major blockchain and cryptocurrency news site!

Titled “Blockchain Platform Enables Trading of Digital Assets in Mobile Games,” the article takes a look at how ITAM Games’ services (ITAM Store, DADEX, ITAM Market, DarkTown, etc.) works, and how it’ll change the blockchain and gaming worlds! :)

English 👉

6. ITAM Games & DarkTown Subreddits

Also, if you have not already, be sure to follow us on our subreddits for the latest news, and to communicate with the community! :)

ITAM Games Subreddit 👉 DarkTown Subreddit 👉


That concludes this week’s FIN :) Thank you all for your love and support the past week, and please look forward to what we have in stores for next week!

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