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FIN — Friday’s ITAM News | October, Week #2

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games

Welcome back to another ITAM FIN! Hope everyone had an awesome week! As it is another Friday, we’ve got another ITAM FIN for you all! As the name suggests, in celebration of the end of the week (hence, FIN) , we will be going over the news and updates regarding ITAM Games that were released the past week. That being said, let’s take a look at what went on at ITAM Games this week!

1. The Onion Knights Now Available on ITAM Store

First, the biggest news we had this week was that “The Onion Knights,” a strategy/tower defense game, is now available for download and play on the ITAM Store! The Onion Knights was originally released when the ITAM Store initially launched, but we had to have a short period to enhance and update various features to bring a better service. The Onion Knights is now back, stronger than ever! Try out the game now!

Download ITAM Store and Play The Onion Knights 👉

2. The Onion Knights Open Event — Worth a Total of 500 EOS!!

In celebration of the release of The Onion Knights, an Open Event for the game was also announced! What makes this event special is that it will reward winners with EOS, a request that a lot of ITAM Games users have been making! A total of 500 EOS is up for grabs with this event!

[Event Details]
500 EOS will be evenly divided and rewarded to players that acquire 3 achievement gold trophies! Rewards will be distributed in two sessions, 250 EOS each. Each of the two sessions will last one month; please refer to the info below.

[Event Duration]
- 1st session (10/10~11/10)
- 2nd session (11/11~12/11)

[Event Process]
- Download The Onion Knights from the ITAM Store
- Acquire 3 achievement gold trophies (Gold trophies can be acquired after bronze and silver trophies)
- A screening for abuse will take place after each session where the ITAM Team looks at all the achievement records recorded on the blockchain.
- Once the screening is complete, we will announce the winners of the event for each session

Download ITAM Store and Play The Onion Knights 👉

3. DarkTown Bug Exterminator #4

Also, we released another DarkTown Bug Exterminator content. Find out the recent bug fixes and services updates of the blockchain RPG “DarkTown” below! We will continue to work to fix all the errors and bring the best service possible! One step at a time!


4. Join the ITAMvengers!

We also reminded users that new users can earn an immense amount of Soul Stones and Gold Keys! Newcomers can join the ITAMvengers and earn 500 Soul Stones and 100 Gold Keys! There’s never been an event that splurges Soul Stones like this!! If you have friends and family that do not have DarkTown yet, hurry and have them join, before we “snap” and end the event!!
Reminder: ITAM Man will always love you 3000! ❤️😘❤️

Download DarkTown 👉

5. Mid-Autumn Festival Event Results

And finally, we announced the successful conclusion of The Mid-Autumn Festival Event. We thank everyone for participating!! After screening and verifying all of the emails received between Sept.10th ~ Sept. 30th, we have sent Soul Stones to users who have successfully participated in the event !! (Max 2,000 per user). If you participated in this event, please check your mailbox for your Soul Stones. We will bring even more fun and special events in October! Look forward to it!!


That concludes this week’s FIN :) Thank you all for your love and support the past week, and please look forward to what we have in stores for next week!

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