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FIN — Friday’s ITAM News | September, Week #1.5

Written by Eon Ha, Community & Content Manager at ITAM Games

Hello everyone! We realize today isn’t a Friday, and so you may be confused as to why a new ‘FIN’ is posted on a Tuesday. Well, this week is the Korean Thanksgiving holiday, Chuseok, and so the ITAM Games office will be closed from Wednesday ~ Sunday. Thus, we are uploading this week’s FIN content a few days early :) That being said, let’s take a look at what went on at ITAM Games!

1. ITAM Games Partners’ DarkTown Skins Event

First, we recently announced a new collaboration event with our partners! Add some flair to your DarkTown character with custom DarkTown skins of ITAM Games’ partners! 4 eye-catching skins that will make you stand out amongst other users have been created by ITAM Games that are based on ITAM Games’ partner companies of TokenPocket, MeetOne, PayToMat, and MakerDAO. To participate, simply go to the partner company’s platform, and use the link they provide to participate in the event.

You can go to the ITAM Games partners’ platforms by clicking the links below:
TokenPocket —
- MeetOne —
- PayToMat —
- MakerDAO —

2. CryptoFishing Coming to ITAM Store

Next, we announced a new fishing game coming soon to the ITAM Store, titled ‘CryptoFishing.’ Travel all around the world and fish at the most famous fishing locations, from Vietnam to Hawaii, the Pacific to the Atlantic, and catch a wide variety of fish! More details and ETA of CryptoFishing will come in the near future.

View Video 👉

3. DarkTown New User Event — Extended Period

Also, we announced that the DarkTown New User Event that gifts Soul Stones and Golden Keys to new users of DarkTown has been extended an additional month! If you have friends that are still not a part of DarkTown, spread the word to your friends and enjoy a fun and exciting gameplay!!

[Extended Event Duration]
September 9th ~ October 11th (05:00 UTC)

[Event Rewards]
Gifted Soul Stones: 500 Gifted Golden Keys:100

[Reward Distribution]
Directly sent to the DarkTown mailbox when registering anew.

Download and Play Now 👉

4. Monthly Referral Ranking Event Winners

Moreover, the winners of the Monthly Referral Ranking Event of August have been announced! The Monthly Referral Ranking Event is an event being held by ITAM Games to spread word-of-mouth around ITAM Games, and in return gives the top ranked users rewards in ITAM Tokens. The winners’ list can be found by clicking the link below:


Event Details 👉

5. ITAM & DarkTown Page Share Event Winners

And finally, the winners of the ITAM & DarkTown Page Share Event, where they are rewarded with limited edition DarkTown skins, have been selected! The Social Kings of the event can be found by clicking the link below.


Thank you to all participants, and we greatly appreciate your work in sharing ITAM Games & DarkTown. The DarkTown skins are expected to be distributed by the end of this month.


That concludes this week’s FIN :) Thank you all for your love and support the past week, and please look forward to what we have in stores for next week!

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