FNCY’s October Achievement Summary

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3 min readOct 31, 2022

Hello everyone! This is the ‘Fancy’est Web3 entertainment platform, FNCY.

Amidst the season when it’s time for an abundant harvest after the hot summer, let’s go through what FNCY has done in October.

Fully Focused on the Mainnet Launching

In the previous announcements, we have introduced FNCY which is the new future of Metaverse World and various forms of entertainment in the FNCY ecosystem.

We are ensuring every bolt is tightened for the success launch of the FNCY mainnet before launching.

With NodeReal, our global №1 partner and BNB Side Chain which has given us the foundation of the ecosystem for various forms of entertainment to onboard, the ‘Blockchain coming down to everyday life’ is about to be realized.

You can look forward to seeing what FNCY will create: a revolutionary ecosystem that crosses the border between reality and virtual space.

Meta Football pre-order and launching date released

The FNCY mainnet aims for becoming the standards of Web3 entertainment platform.

Every entertainment which will onboarded in FNCY ecosystem will go through various strict tests and thorough market research before introduced to the world.

Admist the season where people around the world come together with a shared interest of soccer, we introduce to you the first game of FNCY: MetaFootball.

Meta Football is a street sports game with stunning visuals and lively motions to give the thrill at user’s hands. The game was developed from Extreme Football that had over 5 million downloads.

The date of grand launching is set to be on 3rd of November. Currently the pre-registration event is ongoing. (pre-registration event is restricted to specific countries)

MOU signed with Incheon United FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

What kind of energy could it generate if we bond sports, the most fan-intensive industry with the metaverse?

Fans are able to feel the heat of Camp Nou Stadium and are able to meet their favorite star players through the virtual world. It’s a unique experience that fans can be influential to the team and the players by purchasing and owning the NFT of the favorite player’s IP.

As Metaverse World has signed MOU with the two of the top-tier soccer teams in Korea, Metaverse World is now able to offer various contents combined with the virtual space to K-League fans.

Addition to that, a partnership with the world-renowned agency which global star players belong to is soon to be released.

The ‘Fancy’est mainnet, FNCY is coming soon.

We will come back with more exciting news!

Thank you.

Scam alert

The number of fake FNCY social media is rising at the moment. Please be aware that all the FNCY channels you can find right now are not official channels. We will be announcing FNCY’s official channels soon.
Our official channels(CUBE) are as follow:

👉 CUBE Telegram: https://t.me/itam_en
👉 CUBE Twitter: https://twitter.com/itamcube
👉 CUBE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itamcube
👉 CUBE Youtube: https://bit.ly/3Ezqzao
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